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November 10, 2007


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Leach shouldn't complain, after the call he got on the final play against Oklahoma two years ago.

Back in the 70's and 80's Randy Christal and John Bible used to umpire the Horn's Southwest Conference baseball games and made sure they did not lose many....As a whole the officials, including the replay offical in the Big 12 are not very good...This opinion is from an Okie.....

A tradition unlike any other... Tech complaining about the officials after they lose to Texas. Whatever helps them sleep at night. The refs didn't give up 59 points.

Those who watch Texas each wonder just wait until some call arrives that cannot be explained by any rules in the rulebook that will dramatically swing the outcome of the game in favor of Texas. At yet, Mack Brown still cries and whines about his beloved Longhorns. We've seen enough--bring in officials who have the guts to not knuckle under the Longhorn cash cow!!!

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