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December 11, 2007


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You didn't mention that UTA has some quality wins a well. They beat a good North Texas team (6-2) with wins over Oklahoma St. and New Mexico State. UTA also has wins over a 7-1 Arkansas-LR and Western Illinois.

The matchup between TCU & UTA this year looks like it will be pretty even. They both have solid wins over Texas Southern... UTA won 102-72 & TCU won 83-59. Vegas would probably give TCU the slight edge for home court but UTA will definitely give them a game this year. My prediction is UTA 87 TCU 83!

Hey Casper shave that damn moustache!!

Everyone knows that Casper can't shave the stache. The stache would have to shave Casper.

With the newest poll released today, UTA could move up some. They did not play this week, but I am sure a few above them did (and hopefully lost)

It will be a disappointment to lose to TCU tonight, considering UTA is the better team ....

This could be the biggest run for UTA Mavs BBall ever. IF we beat TCU and Oklahoma State (don't laugh-OKST lost to UNT 73-82, and UTA beat UNT 72-64)on the heels of the big win at Wichita St we should show people we are not a team to overlook.

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