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September 03, 2008


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The past few seasons the Sooners have proven time and time again that they can loose focus and end-up in the L-column.OU needs to keep in mind that they are somewhat(SOMEWHAT)like the Dallas Cowboys as far as how other teams view them..regardless if they(OU)are ranked in the Top 5,Top 25 or not even ranked a WIN against OU has opposing teams licking their chops waiting to get after them so much that it really dosent matter which confrence they rep. every game is bigger than the last for the Sooners if they want a shot at the Big 12 Title or the (Myth)BCS Championship.OU fans can either be humble or talk all the smack they want but it means little because all that matters is how Bob Stoops keeps his players FOCUSED through-out the season. Every Game is Bigger than the last for the 2008 OU Sooners.


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