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September 30, 2008


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Wow, how I totally disagree but that is why we are allowed to voice our opinions. I take it as not whining but pointing out a fact that the miscues altered how the game was played. No doubt in my mind that OU still would have won, they are a vastly superior team with 5 years worth of top 50 recruits as oppose to TCU. The fact that TCU put them on their schedule and still held their rushing offense to JUST 25 yards speaks volumes in why Patterson is upset with the other miscues as it may have made for a totally different game. But as you stated, you needed the game to end fast so you can write a story. Probably another biased article about the Big 12 from this paper. SAD.

I enjoyed the article Mike. TCU did not "give one away" OU took it. Sure penalties and fumbles are part of a game, but that's basic football, and the Sooners ripped the ball from the ball carriers and were in the right place to recover the fumbles. I was confused that Patterson made the comments in the Ft. Worth StarTelegram. Granted they stopped OU's running game but Gary was confused by THE NO HUDDLE that he could not get his defense on or off the field and got caught with a couple of penalties. Patterson needs to look into the mirror at his own coaching miscues and learn from them and have his team better prepared for the team they play next

I agree 100%

I guess it all depends on your definition of "whine." To me, whining would have been complaining about the officials, complaining that OU cheated to some degree or another, complaining about the weather. To you, I guess, whining is having the audacity to think that if your players had played their best and the coaches hadn't made a few errors early as well, that little 'ol TCU could have had a fighting chance. I guess you can say we just have different world views. OU was better on that Saturday and is right now the best team in the country. But in my worldview, if TCU had played their best, they could have had a fighting chance. As it was, they didn't, especially early, and in that sense, "gave the opportunity to win away."

Up front I am an OU fan. I have always had a great respect for Gary and the way he has built the TCU program. They play great football and he is the reason.

It is obvious that Gary Patterson is the reason for Fran's coaching reputation, that and Tomlinson.

However, his comments that his team "gave one away to OU" really stung.

Here are the facts. OU had close to 250 yards of offense in the first 15 minutes of the game. The score was 21 - 3 and TCU had done nothing offensively and or defensively to make a game of it.

Bob Stoops and his staff reigned in the offensive jets in the 2nd quarter, not scoring again until the end of the 2nd quarter to make it 28 - 3.

OU simply ran the ball most of the whole 2nd half. TCU stopped the OU running game simply because they committed 7 - 8 guys in the box every down. Had OU put their foot on the accelerator the whole game it would have been another 77 - 3 embarrassing win for OU.

TCU, nor any other defense will stop OU passing game by committing 7 - 8 defenders to the box every play. They will just get their fingers burned. OU's last TD to make it 35 - 3 was a product of a stupid defensive call by Gary.

How did TCU give one away when they didn't get in the OU end zone until the end of the 4th quarter?

Gary just burned any respect he had with me with his comment.

I understand the frustration of OU fans when they see Gary's comments. He never has been nor ever will be the most PC head coach. He's a X's and O's guy and speaks with his emotions. Sometimes to a fault.

However, how can Mike Jones write this blog about Patterson's "whining" the SAME DAY that he writes an article in the print edition in which he lets an OU receiver complain about a holding call? Not very consistent.

Congratulations to Oklahoma on the win, and good luck the rest of the season.

Go Frogs.

Good article, when I read his comments I had to wonder what game he was watching. If OU would have decided to throw the ball 60 times instead of trying to run time off the clock it would have been very ugly. I'm always amazed at how turnovers are never because of the other team but because the offense just did it wrong.

If anyone "gave away" the game it was Patterson when he came up with the defensive game plan to stop the run and ignore the passing game.......against one of the best QB's in the nation. TCU's defense did a great job implementing the defensive plan they were given.....it was just a flawed plan.

It seems to me that Patterson wasn't "whining" or discounting OU. He was mad at the way his team played and at the mistakes made by him and the coaching staff. TCU didn't play to their potential. They have a right to be upset with they way they played.

I suggest you go back and look at the game again if you think GP is "whining."

First, you say OU scored on easy plays in the second half implying that OU scored multiple times in the second half. Last time I checked, 7 points is one touchdown which does not equal multiple scoring "plays".

Second, you claim that OU was running the clock out in the second half. They were not. Teams that are running the clock out don't call passes on 4th and 6 in the 4th quarter. They punt.

Finally, TCU definitely gave away an opportunity to win the game. Did they give away a win? NO. They gave away the opportunity to be in position to win the game late. Look at OU's first 2 scoring drives in the first quarter. The first came one play after TCU had OU stopped on a 3rd and 2 only to have the downs reset because of a sloppy offsides penalty that came away from the side the play ran to. In the second drive, OU scored 2 plays after TCU stopped OU on a 3rd & goal at the 2 where the downs were reset because of another sloppy pass interference call where Nick Sanders made unneccessary contact. If TCU is more disciplined on those 2 plays, OU only scores 3 instead of 14. Alas, it didn't happen and OU capitalized on it like a good team should.

TCU most definitely gave away an opportunity to be in position to win at OU.

Like a previous reader, I am an OU fan, but try to see the real picture.

When I first heard Coach Patterson's after game comments, I wondered if he thought OU gave one away to TCU in 2005. TCU is a good team, but was not good enough to beat OU on the 27th of September, 2008. Maybe on another day.

21-3 after 15 minutes of game play is not giving one away, its getting your butt kicked. Its not like TCU players just laid the ball on the turf, OU players stripped it from them. TCU is good, but not on any day this year would they beat Oklahoma. OU did run the ball considerably more in the second half (they went for it on 4th and 6 because they were between yardage, you homer), like someone said earlier if OU continues it standard offense it would've been a bigger blowout because Patterson MADE NO ADJUSTMENTS!! to stop the pass.

Whether Patterson's words were valid or not, I'm still just shocked that Jones would chide him for whining...and then run an article in which an OU player complains about a holding call. Is whining ok if you're on OU's side, Mike?

I am not sure that even now, Patterson understands what just happened to his Horned Frogs. It was not a case of TCU giving a game away as much as it was that OU and their no huddle offense forced TCU into the mistakes they made. Not just the players but the coaching and game plan. The adjustments that they were trying to make to what OU showed at the line, that was coaching mistakes. OU just took advantage of the situation if they were going to try to make those adjustments. The no huddle offense took them completely out of their sync and kept them making mistakes. I guess some people could believe that they gave the game away but it looked more like OU just dominated them every time they saw TCU try to adjust. When you have 8 men in the box and try to rush the QB, and he throws a strike pass downfield, who's fault is that? Is it an offense you can't stop or is it the coverage peoples fault? When OU stepped up to the line, using their no huddle offense and TCU quickly lined up, and Bradford calls a long signal count and draws TCU offsides, does Patterson think that OU didn't intentionally run their offense to perfection? If you stop the run, you better expect that a QB with Bradfords kind of numbers is going to capitalize on the passing game. TCU has a lot to be proud of, Pattersons comments are not one of them. Good luck TCU, I know you will have a great season regardless of this loss.

Look at Patterson's comments versus the comments of Pete Carroll after USC's loss:

Carroll spent most of his time complimenting Oregon State for their game plan and execution and ended with the comment, "and we played terrible."

USC did not get beaten as badly as TCU did and you have the coach of TCU talking about "giving the game away"?

Whine whine whine. In most games, you can go back and look at things that could have been done better that would have altered the course of the game, and if Patterson had focused on those types of issues such as "we can't turn the ball over 4 times" and "we've got to do a better job covering the receivers and tackling" instead of talking about how they gave it away, maybe everyone who read about those comments that WASN'T a TCU fan would believe he wasn't whining.

Why oh why can't the hometown paper support TCU? Jeez, Jones. Did you even watch the game? Patterson wasn't whining - he was merely pointing out that TCU kinda shot themselves in the foot in Norman. And in Utah.

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