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November 03, 2008


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That just prove's what I have been saying all along that nearly all sport's commentator's would like to see Texas get beat every game. I guess the old saying is that nobody like's a consistent winner and especially when it is Texas. That is why Texas is so damn good, because you can't keep them down for very long and I promise you they will bounce back and there is a good possibly you will see them in the National Championship game playing Florida. There is not a better Big 12 team even if Tech did beat them last Saturday, all that show's is they were better on that day, doesn't really mean nothing until they prove they can compete every Saturday, and we will get to see this Saturday when they play Oklahoma State.

So, you interpret a guy reacting to a big play taking place right in front of him as he wants UT to lose?

Think much of yourself there, Chief?

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