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November 01, 2008


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I will have to give credit to Texas Tech for a very good game played on Saturday Night, now all they have to do is get past the state of Oklahoma, not to sure if they can do that. All this should say to every one in college football is that the Big 12 is head's up on every one else in the college football world from top to bottom. The SEC cannot even compare from top to bottom with this league, The Big 12 is so powerful from both league's North & South. This is one of the most balanced league in all of football. GO LONGHORNS

I couldn't agree more with Buddy's comment about the Big 12. As a Tech fan I realize how hard it is to play in the Big 12 because you have to bring your "A" game every weekend. Even if you bring it, doesn't gaurantee you a win. That's how tough it is.

Instead of fans bashing each other's team, everyone should realize this conference is just that good and even if you lose to one of these teams, no one has anything to be ashamed of. Texas and OU have set the bar for everyone else and now I believe we have surpassed the SEC as the best conference in all of football.

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