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November 30, 2008


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Dry your eyes Texas. If OU chokes in the Big 12 game, Texas will get the gift in the end. BCS is BS.

I live in Oklahoma, and they suck. I will not watch ANY BCS crap games, not a fn' one.

Dry our eyes? Someone should be socking those BCS schmucks in their eyes, and making them cry for creating such a fouled up system. How much longer must the football world endure such nonsense? What good are rankings if they count for nothing? Secondly, how can the AP and Harris polls show Oklahoma dropping, if they are supposed to be so outstanding? Why are they moving up, when Texas was in the exact same positons in the Polls as Oklahoma is NOW. So, really...just how fair is this week's poll? Sounds to me like someone is getting paid quite handsomely.

45-35 says it all. BCS Better check scoreboard. This political BS has to stop NOW. The Horns hooked em and then got put out to pasture. Thanks should be directed to the NCAA

three-way tie...no good way to fix this but the tie-breaker was in place. if big 12 didn't like it, they could have chosen another way to break the headache of a tie no one ever thought would happen.

and if head-to-head fixes it, then how do you deal with Tech beating UT?

boomer sooner!

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