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November 07, 2008


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I just checked flightaware.com and there have been no private flights from any DFW airports to Manhattan, KS in the last 3 weeks.

Hope Patterson is above board on this one.

KSU's plane is not listed on flightaware, and can't be tracked online.

I am a Fort Worth native. I went to TCU from 1977 to 1981. I have seen the TCU program go from nothing to the Wacker TC Unbelievable days and watched it crash and burn.

Then comes Paterson and Franchione.

I am still in shock over the USC win in the Sun Bowl.

I am the biggest fan of Gary Paterson (even though he calls me a Grey Beard). I Love Defense and his 4-2-5.

I could not understand why the Football God would not let TCU when that game Thursday night but the minute Bryant stepped out of bounds for no reason I knew it was over. The 2 missed field goals just drove home the fact the Football God had something against TCU on that night.

I live on the Beach in Miami in a High rise Condominium and I would return back to Fort Worth in a skinny minute if I could earn the same living I earn in Miami.

Fort Worth is a great place to live and Gary is appreciated and he knows it.

I have no idea why Fort Worth does not show up for games. In the early 80’s SMU (Dickerson / James) could not get big crowds either. Texas Stadium was empty. There is too much competition in the Metro area for private schools to get the extra support from the town’s people. TCU still Draws 30,000 a game which is 3rd in the MWC.

The stadium is up for additional renovations. I hope they add boxes to the West side to eliminate the overhang and the poll support obstructions and add a second level to the east side. That would bring that stadium up to speed. Then we just need to get the Tarrant County fans in the stands.

Also, the Mountain West is head and shoulders above the Big East and they have great places to visit. Especially Colorado Springs, Las Vegas and San Diego!

Mr. Patterson. Please stay at TCU. It is a great job. TCU is committed to you and who needs to go to some big name school and win 8 games a year and get fired.

Go Frogs and Go Gary Patterson.

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