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November 30, 2008


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Let's make sure that I understand this correctly. Sagarin has a one-loss Florida team 3 spots higher than undefeated (and fellow SEC team) Alabama? He also has OU over Texas, yet Texas beat OU in October. Also, why is Tech even in the discussion? They get creamed in Norman, then come back the next week and have to come from behind against Baylor. The truly sad thing is that this guy's rankings help determine the National Champion. Ridiculous

Let the crying in Austin begin. WAAAAAHHHHHH!

Texas was losing the ou game until the middle of the 4th quarter - only after ou had there stud defensive player hurt, and a freshman back up in.
So the beat down you act like you gave OU didn't happen.
Texas grow up

Whether or not O.U. goes to B12 championship or not i do not like the present system. that being said, I know on paper Dallas is a "neutral" site. But for anyone who is Truly a born and bread in Okla. Sooner Fan, (even transplants who has been here awhile) Know what i mean when i say my soul knows the difference when I cross that Red River. It's intangible*

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