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January 05, 2009


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Earth to Mack...Number 3 beats number 10 and now thinks it should be number one; Really? That's funny Mack, you crack me up.

How about Utah since they are still undefeated & won their BCS bowl handily & also because this sham of a system that supposedly determines a NC is biased, way too exclusive & is consistenly screwed up every year!!!

not Texas thats for sure, barely beats a very questionable ohio state team. Meanwhile Utah killed Alabama, a mighty SEC team, and they won't even get consideration for a number one spot. And we have not even played the "championship game".

Texas should be #1. How many top 10 teams do you have to beat in one year to be ranked #1? Texas' only loss was on the last second of the game and all the sudden they suck and get jumped the last two weeks of the season? That's a great formula. Florida loses to Ole Miss....their good.

Brett--When Texas scores in the last few seconds, it's a comeback, even when they have played mediocre at best. When Tech outplays UT the WHOLE game, leads most of it then scores a last second touchdown, it's NOT a comeback? Come on. Based on your logic, that "win" last night shouldn't even count.

To all you whiners, you all know; you wish to God you had a team and a coach like Texas. Too bad they did away with the "Whine Line" or you could call 1 800 WHINERS. dREAM ON!

this is why we need playoffs people, the ranking numbers don't mean squat come game time!
go to:
and send an email BS Flag at the BCS Chimps!
(Check out the video--i think Michael Jackon's chimp is in there).

hey stick was that whine line mack brown's number?

I'm a longhorn fan and think they should be in the National Championship game over Oklahoma or Florida. However, the only team that really has a complaint is obviously Utah. Good grief. Undefeated and beat the #4 team in the country soundly. IMO the Championship game is a joke. Hopefully this will force a playoff system within the next couple of years.

maybe all the coaches need to get together and agree NOT to vote for their own team and then we wont have stupid things like what Brown said.
And what about UTAH? id vote them number 2 myself

Utah has an extremely easy schedule, so it's easy to go undefeated. Alabama a mighty SEC team? HA They were overrated from the start and Utah just proved that.
Ohio State is a much better team than they get credit for. That QB they have is a killer. I'm a Texas fan, but they shouldn't be in the title game. Texas secondary is a disaster due to starting freshman. Florida would've chewed them up. The offense is good and has kept them in games all year, but I it's not good enough to overcome the defense.

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