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April 05, 2009


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Ha Ha... Should go right along with all the Big XII South Championship Rings Mack has made up over the years instead of actually winning the conference.


Wonder if Tech has done the same? No, because Leach isn't a huge dipstick like the entire UT football program.

hahaha.....this is the funniest thing ever. These losers think they won the big xii title and didn't even play in the championship game because they couldn't take care of business in Lubbock. This just goes to show how pathetic the shorthorns are and how desperate they are to list big xii titles. I guess since their list is so short, they have to do all they can. It's going to be awesome watching the Sooners win their 4th straight and 7th Big XII championship this season. Poor Shorthorns. Cry on!!

Easy now, when you don't have 42 conference titles, it's easy to sacrifice your values and get desperate. Let them look upon that wall with pride!

The "Whines of Texas" are still upon us... Does the asterick stand for: "we blew it when we got beat by Texas Tech 39-33, and lost our right to go to the Big 12 Championship game? Texas along with OU and Tech and the other 9 schools all agreed to the rules before the season. Mack Brown is still screaming like a smashed cat. Texas has resorted to fabricating conference Championships since they can't seem to win many of them.

News Flash....The 2008 Big 12 Football Championship trophy is on display in the Barry Switzer Center in Norman.

does anybody in SOONER land actually give a damn what texas puts on their walls!!!!!

well, i'm a BIG OU in junction city, ks. 18 miles west of that ugly ksu campus,it's enough i still hear what ksu did to OU in 2003, so like ksu fans saxet snrohgnol, will never let the 2008 season die about the big iix tie, i mean texas tech fans don't say nothing about it and they beat the snrohgnol, so put all the stuff you want on walls saxet, but like one OU fan typed already we know where the big iix trophey is at!!! and mac brown your the biggest cry baby since ...well i can't think right now, of all time so move on and stop being such a big drama queen!!!!

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