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October 26, 2009


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The FLGoA (Fat Little Girlfriends of America) have just announced that they will eat Mike Leach with some Fava Beans and Chianti...

I personally do not think what Leach said should be taken out of text, it was a statement from a coach to his player's. The only people who get offended by this remark is your DUMB BLEEDING HEART LIBERIALS OF THIS GREAT COUNTRY. Shut up and quit your damn whinning and let the Coaches teach the player's the game and how to get their head straight before a big game in which they should have not lost. NOT FOCUSING ON THE GAME IS WHAT THE WAS GETTING AT. Leave him alone and quit being such a damn sissy about what he said. You Sport's writer's are a bunch of sissy's if all you can report on is his remark's and not the game.

In Latin culture being "la gordita" would be considered something of a compliment, as in "healthy looking" as opposed to scrawny and underfed. Depends on one's background and outlook.

And if TT players' "gorditas" are still upset they should consider not super-sizing so often at McD's.

Leach was on target, if not (bless him!) very PC.

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