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October 18, 2009


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"The point of view that because of the tremendous game turned in by the defense, OU would have beaten Texas Saturday with Bradford directing the offense is legitimate. I doubt that even Texas fans would muster more than half-heartedly protest to that logic."

I am a Texas fan Mike and I believe your statement that Oklahoma would have won the game had Bradford played is ludicrous. I am not at all convinced that Bradford's continued presence in the game would have made any difference. Also, I do not think you should be speaking for Texas fans since you obviously have no idea how Texas fans feel.

As far as Sam Bradford's situation. He is a great quarterback and a fine young man whom, I believe, was pressured by the whole state of Oklahoma to delay his entry to the NFL.

Sam Bradford, being the nice kid that he is, succumbed to that pressure.

If that is what Sam Bradford really wanted, and the potential $41 million he might have received as the number one draft choice of the NFL was not that important, then so be it. Even then, after the BYU injury, I believe Sam Bradford should have been encouraged by his coaches, family, friends, and sportswriters to have the surgery he needed, and then to rehab and get completely well. By doing that he would have entered the NFL draft healthy and ready to play professional football.

By the way Mike, I would match up Texas's defense with the Oklahoma defense anytime. Minus 16 yards rushing. Has that ever happened to the University of Oklahoma before?

Hey Harold, I would be a bitter too since it is obvious that Texas, #3 in the Nation, is barely better than an Oklahoma team full of Freshmen and back-ups.

Posted in response to Harold,
Not every College player wants to enter the NFL early. Sam, is a great student, has great grades, and wanted his education more than the Money the NFL would have offered him. So he is staying to finish out his EDUCATION which everyone should. What would of happend if he did go to the NFL early and got hurt the first play of his NFL career, he would of lost all the NFL money and not had the Education. As a Sooner fan, I will say it was a well hard fought game from both sides of the field. It was a great game to watch, neither team ran off with the game. My kind of football.

Look three titles in a row...Stoops warned in Spring abouit the o-line. I am disappointed in the WR core excluding Broyles of course. Caleb dropped a pass that he might of scored on. Stoops and Wilson are not WEARing uniforms get it?

Katrina: What makes you think that Sam would lose all his NFL money should he have been hurt in the NFL.

McCoy's Beaten Down Attitude:
Beating OU 4 out of the last 5 years has been fun. I don't see why any Texas fan would be bitter. The way OU is playing, it does not look like that pattern is going to change any time soon either. OU fans need to forget the Texas game and start concentrating on Kansas, Oklahoma State and Texas Tech. OU could easily lose all 3 of those games. Mike Leach may have a little extra incentive whhen he plays the Sooners this year. You think the Texas-OU game was ugly? This one could really be ugly. Leach is just like Stoops. He will beat you 100-0, if he can.

Most of the problems with OU have already been mentioned. The only criticism I have is when the coaches continue to work a game plan and make statements about it does not matter who the starting quarterback is - we run the same offense. That one throws me for a loop! How can anyone expect a first year quarterback to play at the same level or execute the same way a quarterback with three years experience does (Heisman Trophy winner at that)?? It would be nice to see the offense simplified until Landry Jones gains more experience. The constant looking to the sidelines, hurry up offense isn't working combined with an obvious inexperienced o-line and receiver corps.

OU Fan Forever

You Texas fans are a bunch of cocky guys! Saying that OU needs to look past Texas cause we could be beat by Kansas, OK State, and Tech...you are right. However, maybe Texas needs to look past the 3 point victory they got last week, cause the way they played they could very well get beaten too! McCoy is a great quarterback, but played terrible last weekend...and for that matter hasn't been playing near as well this year compared to last. Turn the tables and put McCoy out of the game and UT loses by 3...all of you would say that you would have won if McCoy was in the game. I'm not saying we would have won with Bradford, but I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have thrown the 2 picks that Jones did. Anyhow, if OU can't win the Big 12 or BCSNC, I would definitely like to see the Big 12 on top! So, from a Sooner fan to the Burnt Orange Nation, good luck on the rest of your season!

I have been a Texas fan since 1956...the year Darrell Royal took over coaching the Longhorns. Having said that...I believe Sam Bradford is as talented at throwing the football as any college quarterback I have ever seen...Joe Montana included. Now is he as durable? So far, he does not seem to be. Bradford is not very agile, as evidenced by the fact he was knocked to the ground 3 or 4 times during the brief time he played Saturday. I doubt seriously that he would have done any better than Landry Jones had he remained in the game. OU's offensive line just could not protect him.

As far as Oklahoma playing Florida...I was with them all the way. I am a Big 12 fan and always want the Big 12 team to win. I am very tired of the SEC's boasts and I still think that conference is over rated. I was pulling for Oklahoma against Florida and I pulled for Oklahoma when they played Southern California. I wanted OU to beat USC so much. Then the 'Horns got a shot to play USC in the NC game on USC's homefield. No one thought Texas had a chance...including USC. but miracles do occur and to USC's surprise...Texas took them out. I know McCoy and Texas' offense are not playing well. Texas knows it too. But with a little confidence...maybe McCoy can pull it together. Texas may just surprise that big old bad SEC team in the NC game. I would love to see McCoy give Tim Tebow the hook 'em horns sign, just the way Tebow gave the Sooners the gator chomp last year!
Don't rule Texas out just yet.
Stranger things have happened. Just ask the University of Southern California....and Pete Carroll.


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