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December 31, 2009


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Great article as I watched the service academies play in their
bowl games today. I was wondering what these young men think of Adam James and his father

if you were a teammate of adam james or craig james, or even a business partner with them; would you trust them?

Back in the day, they made us do without water and take salt pills but they have discovered that was harmful. Today they encourage drinking fluids to avoid dehydration. Everyday they have discussions on ESPN about the dangers of concussions. If you are injured to you seek treatment from an egocentric wingnut like Mike Leach to be sent to the shed or do you go to the trainer and the training room? That is all beside the point that the same egocentric coach refused to cooperate with the people who pay his salary. In common terms refusing to follow the instructions of your employer is considered insubordination. Insubordination deems cause for releasing an employee. Hiring a lawyer to sue the very employer who pays your salary is a mortal sin in keeping a job. Who do you really think is at fault in Mike Leach losing his job and most probably the severance that was built into his contract? Texas Tech is whining like they are not very smart. It seems to me, an outsider, that this unfolded like it would at any place of employment that I have worked at in the past forty years.

with the assistance of the james boys,the pussification at tech is complete

If James was such a lousy player or detriment to the team (as stated by tech coaches) because of his attitude, why was he still on the team? Leach is either a moron or a complete ass so either way they dumped him and good riddance. you want to talk about spoiled kids ? How about spoiled power hungry coaches that make millions of dollars off a university whose main function is supposed to be education NOT football!!

This is called POLITICS Mike -- the James were used like a NYC street walker by TT administration.... Tried to get rid of him last year - just couldnt -- too many booster club Fat Daddys... Leach will end up in the NAIA somewhere or NFL as a bust...

I'm not a big college football fan. I'm not an expert on this at all. I heard about a coach being fired just before a Bowl? And then found out the kid involved has a father working at ESPN - in college football? So I thought, there is something more than meets the eye and I can't trust ESPN. I support Mike Leach! I support his supporters - he has proven himself to be a great coach a winning coach a man who can get the job done. With cell phones and all these electronic devices handy and of course using the media to cry 'foul play' Mike Leach didn't have a chance! ESPN and daddy James had Mike Leach hung and found guilty and fired before any of the facts came to light. Good luck Mike and hope another college picks you up very soon. Too bad for T Tech players.....if they really dislike the coach that much, then maybe it's best Mike isn't there to lead them to yet another victory.

Mike Jones, you really have to be beyond dumb to defend your own ignorance that way. "Why, in my day we used to walk to school and back, up hill both ways, thru broken glass, with bare feet bleeding.." AH.. for the good old days.

Well written. My cousin and I played for the same coach who, by all accounts today, would be considered a brutal and heartless child abuser. We considered him the best coach in history and a father figure. For, not only did he teach us the game and brought us winning season after winning season, he taught us respect, he taught us how to be a man, how to face our fears, how to reach new heights. My dad fully understood what we went through and embraced it completely. And yes, I took my lumps and lived!
I am a man today, thanks in large part to him and my dad. Today's society, for the most part, just can't get it... nor will they.
I could not agree more with your column and, not only your perspective on what it means to be a player and coach, but also what it means to be a journalist (I too am a journalist). All too often, it's used as a tool for revenge. I've seen it.
Thanks for the article. Well written, well said.

WANT TO BET....everyone of those people who viewed Mike Jones negatively...has spent thousands covering up child's misdeeds OR giving them EVERYTHING their little monster desires.....

As to that piece of trash named Craig James, with exception of his stint @ SMU. He is trying to live vicariously through his offspring, he stunk in NFL and has been hired and fired at pretty much EVERY network until hitting last rung @ ESPN.

To those of you with ohhh vicious brutes whiny a$$ comments...am betting you still wetnursing off mom and dad.

My father who was one of the greatest generation, taught me respect for women...not abuse....taught me to see the individual not the race.

So you take your whiny, liberal, anti-american obama loving rhetoric AND SHOVE IT, you are the type believes you, your kid and your dog are ENTITLED...well my daddy tught me this.

I was entitled to a chance to work hard, give an honest day's work for an honest days pay and to expect more than that was selfish...which is exactly what you teaching your worthless offspring that you are owed this and owed that.

God help us, if some of you don't make me question whether you are Texans or just recent inbreds allowed in because we can't cover northern boarders from inbreds
who lack common sense other than what makes you think you something you are NOT

How callous of this writer! because you can sit behind a desk and not let anyone see you or hear you, writing this is a cowards way.
That player was injured, not for nothing..there was no cause for that coach to treat him as if the kid was to be the cause of all lost games..this kid was injured and to embarrass him like that in front of his team mates is inhumane and disgusting, you treat people how you want to be treated, i commend the kid for doing what the coach ordered because that's a part of learning discipline, but for the coach to "discipline" this kid because he was injured is just down right childish and bullying. what purpose did it serve? only to embarrass this kid. if it had to do with something the kid did wrong like not following directions or stepping out of line with his mouth then the course of action would be to suspend him. but for him to be injured???? pure assinine for anyone including you the writer of this article to now embarrass him by name calling him names. he should not have been treated in the manner that he did. it's like putting a child in the corner in front of all your school mates.
again..YOU TREAT PEOPLE THE WAY YOU WANT TO BE TREATED. anyone who can do this to a human being i could imagine what else he does to his own family. you do not belittle someone because they are injured. no wonder why we still have messed up kids in the system, after columbine i thought the focus was to stop the bullying, to me this was bullying him, keep it up and this kid will be mentally scared by the inhumane treatment he received and the embarrassment that comes along with it.

Have you ever had a concussion? Playing patty-cake too hard with your cousin after your wedding (with her) doesn't count, so I'm guessing that the answer to that question is "no".

Bang your head, as hard as you can. against a wall for, oh, ten minutes.

Then lock yourself in your bedroom closet for four hours.

If you're still awake, come out, and tell me how you feel.

Leach is a piece of sh!t and for doing that to Adam, he should have his fingernails pulled out... slowly.

Unfortunately, this is just one more example of the breakdown of authority in our society. Authority will be challenged in this day and time, while in previous generations it was submitted to and respected. This revolution has changed all areas of life in america. To some this is good, and to others it is bad. It all depends on whether we have a high view of authority like that of older generations in America, or the new morality. It depends on whether you believe America is better than it used to be or worse than it used to be.

Oh yes, the good old days! Based on your logic, we would still have child labor, seperate schools for different colors, 12 hour days at work, cars with no windows, and no heater, the dust bowl, and enternment camps.
All Leach'es actions indicate is an inability to really know how to motivate his players other than through intimidation. If you expect your players to be men then you treat them like men not slaves. I hope your boss doen't ask you to sit in the janitor's closet because he didn't like your article.
Could the entire situation been handled differently? Absolutely! But Leach would still have his job if he, like you, had not been a neanderthal with an attitude of win at all costs even if you have to risk permanent injury.
By the way, I'm 64 and remember "the good old days". I for one am glad they're gone and hope Leach finds a job in a dark damp place to work in, like a sewer.
I'm glad TCU has a coach that builds men not tear them down.
Florida Frog Fan

When I heard that sitting in a room for a couple hours (presumably while his team mates were actually out working) I didn't know whether to laugh or cry. Football used to be the epitome of tough and rugged American athletes. This is what we have come to? Firstly - if you don't like Coach Leach, then why play for him? In Mr. James situation it is because no one else would give him a chance. Too bad Coach Leach did. Secondly - once a young man turns 18 he should be his own man. Why is Craig James even involved? Why did he reaise his son to be such a sorry excuse for a man? Coach Leach will go some where else were winners are valued, and Texas Tech will fall once again into being a sacrificial lamb for the Big 12.

And for all those whiners on this site - especially that Mark guy - it is clear you have never excelled in competitive sports. Playing nice works at little girls tea parties - but this is Big 12 football.

This was every bit about playing time. Craig James I have lost lots of respect for. He should have taken note from Phil Simms who handles his kids very well. It is a shame Craig has done severe damage to his family. Craig was pissed at Leach and won out. The Tech Administration better prepare themselves as their fanbase will clearly be defiant for many many years unless they reach the heights Leach did. They won't come close.

Indeed. It sounds like you played for some real knuckle-dragging imbeciles. But surprisingly, even near the end of your (sports-)journalistic career, rather than realizing what a bunch of morons you once played for, you've chosen to apologize for them and, in so doing, become one of their ilk.

"How unenlightened we were." - Mike Jones

Actually, Trevor, if you can't dig for the facts behind this story and see that Mike Leach is an arrogant vindictive petulant stupid jerk then you prove yourself to be a cretin, an idiot.

"If you can't look at this article as plain notice that people lack discipline, the desire to succeed AS A GROUP and not have to have the limelight at all times, then you, my friends, are the idiots." - Trevor (at December 31, 2009 at 03:40 PM)

Actually, RU, I'm not - because it's clear you're a knuckle-dragging imbecile devoid of any leadership qualities whatsoever.

"[W]ith the assistance of the james boys,the pussification at tech is complete." - R.U.WITHMEE (on December 31, 2009 at 09:27 PM)

Todd: you're apparently oblivious to the fact that the so-called lessons you learned from your "mentors" are largely worthless, of little relevance to succeeding in life.

Kids reading this: if you find yourself the child of some moron like Todd and are surrounded by people he admires, do everything you can to get away from him/them - call Child Protective Services on them, go live with your grandparents or in a foster home, run away from home, join the circus, anything - in the end you'll be better off.

"Well written. My cousin and I played for the same coach who, by all accounts today, would be considered a brutal and heartless child abuser. We considered him the best coach in history and a father figure. For, not only did he teach us the game and brought us winning season after winning season ... [blah, blah, blah]" - Todd (on January 01, 2010 at 12:55 AM)

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