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January 01, 2010


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Wow, having to go back to high school coaches to find people willing to lend support.

I'm surprised they don't have his kindergarten teacher extolling what a good kid he was for her.

Congratulations Craig James, you and your child who wouldn't stand for some generated hardships to improve him (and his attitude) turned a nickel and dime daddy complaint into the firing of the winningest coach in Tech history. You and your child, can now ride away from Lubbock patting yourself on the back for a Pyrrhic accomplishment that accomplishes nothing but padding your ego while destroying everything you or your son claimed to be supporting in Lubbock.

Send your pampered kid to the Marines and see how they treat guys that think their names should buy them special treatment. They might put them outside in the dark, rain and cold all night to make them become more mature and team oriented.

But, we can't put pampered kids under any tough conditions to motivate and mold them, can we Daddy? Your kid needed some motivation and molding to become a well rounded adult and team contributor, and thanks to the weight you threw around for him, he'll never even think he needs to start growing up and becoming less self-centered.

Congratulations for that Pyrrhic victory. You've taught your child he can win by playing the victim. You and your ego won, your son loses.

To R Naylor,
The marine training is a matter of life and death for you and others. It's not a game, like football.

Adumb James and his "family" should leave Lubbock ASAP. And don't think anybody is ever going to forget your name and try and show up somewhere else with your pathetic garbage. Go away and disapprear to be ignominiously forgotten in collegiate history. Whereas coach Leach will be revered as the winningest coach in TT history and will move on to do bigger and better things.

Yes the James Gang should leave Texas Tech so they can move on with their program. They have caused enough damage. Adam James isn't that good of a receiver anyway. Texas Tech did just fine last night without him. People need to pray for the James family. They are truely lost. They has lost sight of God.

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