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January 02, 2010


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it called "job security".........they are trying to save their job, so the story keeps changing accordingly.

Their story does keep changing. This will end up in the courts unless Texas Tech agrees to pay Mike Leach the money he has coming and issues a retraction of the things they have said.

These statements do not refute Leach's comments. See the following discussion.


The statements are inconsistent and actually corroborate Mike Leach's statement that he did not place the player in an enclosed facility. As the trainer's comments clearly state, it was the trainer himself - not Leach - who elected where to put the player.

It's really funny that the "signed affidavit" from Price is completely opposite of what he told the media before.

I wonder how much Texas Tech paid the trainer to change his story. I hope Leach sues Texas Tech for 30 million Dollars and get it.

Raider Fans,

We - all of us - have a bad reputation as sport fans. This has not always been the case with Tech sports.

It is time to examine our own conduct as a fan base rather than just the conduct of our athletic staff and players.

I wonder if Tech prepared these "affidavits" like they prepared the apology letter for Leach? Of course they signed them, they wanted to keep their jobs.

You don't disagree with Hance or the 5'2" Gerald Myers and keep your job.

of course "they" altered their statements....."they" want to keep their jobs!

RED-RAIDER NATION UNITE......and stop sending money to TTU until Chancellor Hance, the Athletic Director, and others RESIGN.

It's funny how when people understand that swearing out a false affidavit is a crime (felony false swearing), that they tend to tell the TRUTH, and when they talk to reporters, they tend to say whatever they think they should. The testimony in the doctor's affidavit and the trainer's affidavit are more than enough to support Tech's firing of Leach for cause. Irrespective of whether he likes or dislikes Adam James, the fact remains that Leach demonstrated once again his childish lack of self-control and actually punished a player for being injured. If anyone thinks Leach is such a great coach, wait and see who ends up hiring him (that would be, ahem, nobody of note.....then again St. Peter Canisius might be looking for an offensive coordinator)

I read a quote from a TT football player (can't remember his name) but he said he felt Leach thought he had become bigger than the university or the football team. That is my evaluation as well. With his ego and making $12M he though he could do anything he wanted and no one would question him. Just like a lot of politicians who get obssesed with their power. I said it before, I'll say it again, I hope the leach finds a job in a dark damp place like a sewer. I'm glad TCU has a class act as a coach. Maybe with the leach gone TT won't be afraid to play the FROGS.

I think that everyone on these boards are jumping to foregone conclusions. I think that it's safe to say none of you were around when this went down. I personally feel that the AD had an axe to grind, and this is the outcome. Whatever the case, it's safe to say that James will be villified if things are found different than his version of the story, and his whiner dad, Craig, well...enough said. All I can say is that I hope Tech has a large bank account, 'cause they're going to need it.

Coach Leach is a "straight shooter" and doesn't play the political games which thrive in the environment of State employment.I know this from personal experience having been employed by the State for 10 yrs.
There is much, much more to this situation.
I graduated from Tech and "I Bleed Red and Black".I want to see Hance and Myers fired as well as all the actors who have and are participants in this nightmare.They have brought Tech down to the level I never wanted to believe possible.These people remind me of sewer rats.
Coach Leach's firing and the underhanded manner in which it was done is an embarrassment to TTU.
Coach Leach was the best coach we have ever had. He brought pride and alot of money to the university.Tech will suffer in many ways from the Admin. actions.
Coach Leach--welcome to the group of us who are former State employees!!!!!!!!

What pi__es me off is the fact that both Pincock and Phy retracted their earlier statements WHY?? Both of you are talking out the both sides of your mouths. Someone is not being truthful concerning Mike Leach. Did the Administration people at TTU get to you?

There was a rumor being reported on ESPN today that stated Mike Leach might
be headed to the Raiders. Would that not be a perfect fit or what? First of all you would have a coach who thinks he's the 2nd coming of
Captain Blackbeard joining the Raiders crew. Secondly he would be playing for an owner that's as much in touch with reality as Peter Pan. And best of all he would be working for or replacing a coach that punched his assistant in the face and broke his jaw.
I can see it now. Cable punches Leach in the face who in turn challenges him to a swordfight. But Al Davis steps in, fires them both, then interviews Mark Mangino and Jim Leavitt.

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