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January 04, 2010


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what do ya'll think bout tcu and fort worth taking the lead in revival of the southwest conference ? i think it is viable with so many good players coming out of texas and the population explosion of the 90,s and the 00,s double aughts, we could not only support the conference and i think it would grow and thrive,as a true texan at heart i would support such an effort to the bone ! starting with the six teams in the conference usa west, tulsa, smu, utep, houston, rice,and tulane, plus norh texas from the sunbelt, louisiana tech from the wac, and tcu from the mountain west goin in as the big dog, that starts out with a well rounded nine teams with very much more managable travel, with the addition of the new utsa roadrunner program bringing the number to ten teams the new southwest conference would have room to grow eventualy either in state bringing in d-2s or lets say new mexico state very close to utep and even the lobos of the great state of new mexico ! what this would end up looking like east and west divisions east with 1.tulsa 2.north texes 3.smu 4.houston 5.la tech 6.tulane, west with 1.tcu 2.rice 3.utsa 4.new mexico 5.new mexico state 6.utep i would support this sort of thing till my dying day ! theres still and empty aching spot in my heart for the southwest conference ! even after all these years !

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