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January 13, 2010


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Mack Brown may not be looking for a timetable. And Will Muschamp may not be telling people he's looking for a timetable. But that doesn't mean that UT fans don't want a timetable.

Muschamp is the future of UT. And coaches like him are rare, and taking over the top jobs around the country. Mack's style of coaching is on its way out. And his personal attachment to a mediocre offensive coordinator is beginning to show cracks. Pellini and Tuberville are going to join Stoops in making things much tougher on UT.

Let's face it, Bama did to UT what UT did to OU this year--knock out the Heisman candidate QB. If Bradford stays in that game, OU wins and Texas misses BCS. Not because of defense, but because of lack of offense.

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