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September 17, 2010


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G-Patterson has style, class and more coaching talent than anybody out there now.

Thankfully Galloway isn't a great judge of character. He does not understand the meaning of the word "class". Who is he to rip GP for calling off the dogs? Maybe Randy idolizes Jackie Sherill and other coaches of questionable repute.

I am 64 years old and have been a Frog Fan since I watched a PeeWee football game in Amon Carter Stadium in 1960. I suffered through the mediocre years, the bad years, and one or two memorable ones until Patterson came along. I would vote for GP as President, I just wouldn't want him leading the troops into battle.
Would I have him run up the score on Tennessee Tech, absolutely not. They had already surrendered. But Oregon, absolutely! Baylor, I would embarass them. TCU doesn't get many chances to play these kind of games and they have to take advantage of them when they can. Unfortuneately that is the nature of the beast.
I admire Gary's principles but he also has to think about the 50 kids on that team that want to be national champs and sometimes the way to get there is by scoring just one more time.

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