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September 22, 2010


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The streets around the stadium are hardly "empty and deserted". In fact the area around the stadium is pretty lively; there is a culture and night life now in Detroit that just wasn't there 10 years ago, it's fun and it feels safe. Yes, I mean it. And I'm not from Detroit FYI. That old stigma of the core is getting highly inaccurate very quickly.

"the lonely and deserted city streets around the stadium."

I completely agree with everything but that. The streets right around Ford Field and Comarica Park (the are across the street from each other) are usually very busy before any game at either stadium. They aren't too bad on non-game days because there are a few other spots in the same location that draw a crowd. Worst part of Millen though is they let him announce for Michigan home games. I mean seriously? WTF? That's like having the guy that molested your wife announce your daughter's cheerleading events.

I can see this individual knows little to nothing about downtown Detroit. Don't make ignorant comments in which you know nothing about!

As far as Millen goes, he should just give it up I don't even see why people will actually listen to him. After what he has did to the Lions I wouldn't find any credibility in any comment he has to say PERIOD!

If Millen comes back to the city of Detroit, I guarantee he will get physically injured. This entire state hates the man, whether theyre Lions fans or not. His points on tv are ridiculous, and he obviously proved he knows nothing about football. 8 years running a franchise so far into the ground China thought we were their home team, and he still has "credibility" as a football man?

FIRE Millen!

Wait a minute, there's an upside here. Just remember that when "he who must not be named" speaks about football, the opposite is probably true. It's the football version of opposite day!

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