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September 19, 2010


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is jimmy burch the texas homer, giving the shorthorns the only 1st place vote?

I know this is the AP, but on another note, I'm surprised with the coaches poll that every team doesn't have a first place vote with how self-serving and political the coaches seem to be. I can't think of a bigger conflict of interest, and I bet Mac doesn't even have TCU in his top 10...

I am a huge fan of TCU. Am I surprised that Texas has a first place vote, while the Frogs have none?...not really. Being a TCU fan means you understand that UT will get most of the attention. The Frogs have always flown under the radar and I'm not surprised that this general attitude hasn't changed overnight. Our players know this too...that's why they play with chips on their shoulders.

Texas does not deserve a 1st place vote. I agree with Ryan. GO FROGS

There will always be poll voters who either can't control their biases or vote more on reputation than watching the teams play. I was pleased, though, that ESPN had this to say on their website:

"TCU is the best team in Texas. You might have thought so before, but it is safe to say it now."

TCU would beat Texas by at least 10 points especially on a home field. TCU is more balanced and experienced and would handle the pressure better. Go Frogs!

TCU would not beat Texas! They only rarely pulled off an upset when the played every year. The frogs have a great team every few years, but are not part of the ellite.

Dear Charlie Brown...I'd say TCU has quietly been very good over the past 10-11 years or so. Aside from a few rebuilding years (just like everyone else) in '04 and '07 we've done quite well. We're talking 10 to 12 win seasons nearly every year...that's not "every few years" my friend...that's consistency and a commitment to having our name listed amongst the elite. No one at TCU is asking for the entire table...just a place at it.

Like most Frog-bashers, Charlie is living in the 80's. They have blinders on and refuse to see the new facilities, sellouts, ESPN love and NFL recruits. Beating teams on their home fields like OU and Clemson (and even Utah) does not register on their Longhorn-stained brains. It is almost blasphemy to even think little TCU could beat UT. Think CWS, think playoffs!!!!

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