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September 27, 2010


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Is this a joke? Are we being punked?
Utah #5 (3-0)? Army #21? Kansas State #25? Why do you waste your time, good space on the internet and your reader's time on such crap? And the bigger question is why do I continue to read this crap?
I'm just a lonely Frog in a lake of Gators looking for anything TCU! if I wasn't such a huge Frog fan I would delete the Star from my favorites.

The reason Mac wastes print space on this, Florida Frog Fan, is because Mac never misses a chance to dump on the frogs. He just can't do it too openly because he works here in Fort Worth. God knows what his reasons are.

I don't see it as dumping. It's just another point of view, with Mac offering a window to another part of America and how they view the teams. I think Mac even says he doesn't agree with it. Can y'all read?

I read the linked article, and it's an interesting way to rank. Some good ideas in there. I obviously don't agree with TCU at #15, but I'd be curious to see this poll after a few more weeks to see how things shake up.

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