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September 25, 2010


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Convincing? Once again, they had to have trick plays to win. The simple, bottom-line fact of the matter is that Smurf Turf BS State cannot win !$*@! playing straight-up football.

And don't give me that crap that Kellen Moore is better than Andy Dalton. Easy to be "better" when the opposing defensive line isn't twisting your neck around like BS State did to Dalton last year (you remember, the one Fox got a close-up of that never got called, while TCU couldn't so much as _breathe_ on America's Darlingsā„¢ without getting flagged).

BS State better than TCU? Not only no, but _hell, no_.

I only watched bits and pieces of BS and OS, but I didn't see a convincing win. OS palyed them well until their D gave out. I don't think 6 points is going to matter that much. If it had been 15 or 20 maybe. TCU still stays at #4.

TCU beat OSU by 9 and BSU beat OSU by 13. Even biased Herbstreit stated it was a wash in the post game analysis. So tired of hearing about style points, aka running up the score, and being compared to BSU. TCU has two very difficult opponents left to play(AFA/Utah) and a couple of you never know(BYU/SDSU), so taking care of busines by at least one point, one game at a time is all that really matters. The real season starts next Saturday, with another Pyrimaid goal of winning the MWC!

Jumped by Nebraska?...a 17-3 winner at home over winless South Dakota State...what a joke.

Regarding your comment: "- I am tired of hearing how Boise State beat TCU last year and how that should have a factor this season. The two teams are different, and results from any season other than this one should be irrelevant."

I agree, that we should not be using last year's game to discredit this year's TCU team. However, I don't agree that this year's BSU team is different from last year's team. We returned 20 of 22 starters, and 42 of our 44 2-deep roster. This year's BSU team virtually is the same as last years, just with more experience.

"First reaction is that TCU coach Gary Patterson made a mistake when he elected not to go for a late score against the Beavers"

Boise was in position to score late too. BSU dominated the Beavers. The only reason the game was this close was because of taunting penalties and missed tackles on special teams. Look at the game stats. The beavers only had 223 total yards.

@Darth Venomous
Dalton is not better than Moore. Look at the stats vs. Oregon State. Moore is clearly better.

Moore: 19/27, 288 yards, 10.7 average, 3-0 TD/Int

Dalton: 17/27, 175 yards, 6.5 average, 1-2 TD/Int

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