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September 25, 2010


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The real Heisman hopeful is Ingram, sorry Hogs; Mallett ain't it! Mallet threw for 3 Interceptions and lost the game for Arkansas. He is not a Heisman runner at all.

even though mallett will be a high draft pick in the 2011 NFL draft, he is totally overrated, numerous times mallett had opportunities to beat 'bama and failed 2 do so.

1. first int in back of end zone- could have run it in, for the score or threw the ball away to kick a fg to put the hogs up 13 to 7, but felt that his arm could do the trick-bad decision.
2. intercepted in the 4th quarter twice trying to force the ball into spots instead of taking what the defense gives him. both turnovers drive killers.

3. mallett will find out that in the nfl that is what separates the great ones from those that bust when drafted high.

4. still got a lot to learn about being an nfl ready quarterback. if he continues to be the quarterback he displayed in the second half of the bama game, his nfl career will be short.

Pryor stole the show with the 6 TDs and one was a pass reception for a TD.

You all are dumb. Remember peyton manning. His senor year in college he was playing the top ranked gators. If he wins that game he will cruise to the heisman and the championship. He threw 5 interceptions including three in the fourth quarter. They lost 37-30. Peyton is a pretty good pro haha. Mallett will still be great

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