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September 29, 2010


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Good job Bob


Good for Coach Stoops. These things cannot be taken lightly.

God can we please stop the Tweets. Please.

I am an OU fan and I am so proud of our coach for making this statement. I am saddened to think that someone would take death so lightly. My prayers go out to the shooter's family and to the students, faculty, and families of UT.

Tweets are stupid, and Sooners are retarded...nuff said

Great Job!! Top notch move on behalf of Stoops.

Good for Coach Stoops. Took immediate action. Those comments made are not in any way associated with the rivalry itself.. Keep up the true tradition of both colleges alive!!

Wonder what punishment Stoops would have administered
had the player been his starting quarterback?

shocker ..... another student athlete moron steps forward ..... Stoops yanks him back into line and spanks him ..... good move Coach.
Getting a free ride with a $250,000 education has responsibilities that go with it ...... hopefully, this idiot will learn from it.

He told Reynolds "That's a WRAP for your football season."

Reynolds Wrap. Get it?

The joke is now on Jaz Reynolds. I hope this follows him into his ATTEMPT at an NFL career.

He might be better off running for dog catcher.

Oh wait. Michael Vick did that already.

My bad.

football players suck.

Sounds like this young "man" has some growing up to do.

If the kid is a starter, he gets a slap on the wrist. Stoops believes in hard justice, for his personal publicity, only if it does cost a player he plans to use. Another shallow gesture from a shallow man.

Ronald, it appears you are the shallow man for making such an idiotic statement. And I am certain Coach Stoops would punish a starter and/or starting quarterback in the very same way. Some people are just so full of hate and it is so pathetic.

the comment was inappriate at the least...remember when you were 20!!!!we have all said & did things we wish we had not.....blessed is those that are forgiven...lets move forward

Why was this listed under "local news" on the homepage? OU is most definitely not local.

Hey Ronald, what did SuperStooper do to Rhett Bomar??? Axe job immediately...giving way to an excellent individual named Bradford the chance to win the starting qb job.

Way to go bob stoops its more than football its about life you did the right thing wish you would have sent him packing!!!!! class act

For those who think Stoops doesn't go hard on his starters when they're in trouble, don't forget that Bomar would have been starting and not Thompson if he hadn't been boooted from the team in 2006.

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