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September 16, 2010


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So you're going to make bold claims but not mention any sources or have any quotes from anyone other than yourself? Nice journalism, buddy.


I can't believe TCU lets you "teach" Journalism at TCU. Who are your sources? Where are your sources? Having a hunch does not make it right, you need to back this up.

Do you actually pay this guy???

One more example of Mac Engel trying to "help" TCU in an important game. I don't like "homers" as announcers or sports writers, but to find a local writer who constantly tries to find little ways (like motivating Baylor) to jab the Frogs, that's beyond belief.

Articles like this is why Engel has so little credibility. He just tries to stir the pot. He is a shock jock "journalist" in the Skip Bayless mode of write first and don't get bogged down in trivial matters, like the truth.

Engel is obsessed with setting the frogs and the bears at odds. I don't know his motivation, but aren't journalists only supposed to use unnamed sources to confirm sources of record? One thing I do know is that no "higher up" at TCU would say such a thing to a reporter, even if it were true. And it's not, because Del Conte does not lie. I'm betting Mac talked to some old booster--and I wouldn't doubt that Mac planted the idea. He can't reveal his source because the source would deny it.

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