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September 29, 2010


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So, now that TCU is looking at leaving the MWC for the Big East it's OKAY?

Where are all the "Frog" fans roasting TCU for leaving their beloved MWC? Hypocritical morons!

Hey Blue, at this point, nothing is set in stone... it'[s all just talk. And besides, it's one thing to rail against Utah bailing just as the conference had a shot at becoming a BCS-AQ (which is the goal in conference alignment), it's totally another to roast a team that might leave when a goal has otherwise been unattainable.
And even then, we didn't bag on Utah for attaining the "goal" (and destroying a whole conference's shot at it) as we did BYU who killed it for everybody else because they think they are independent worthy.
Yeah, I'd like to stay in the MWC... I like the conference... but football is king so why wouldn't we take the opportunity to have an easier shot in the BCS. Undefeated in the MWC is not a guarantee of anything. Undefeated in the Big East (if that were to happen) at least puts you in a BCS bowl for sure.
This system forces teams like TCU, Utah, Boise, etc to put their own standing first. Non AQ-conference teams either understand that, or they don't. Yeah it stings when an someone you thinks is an ally turns out to not be, but oh well... TCU is kinda tired of being left behind.

We wish TCU well in their decision whether that is to remain in the MWC or move to the Big East. They will do what they feel is best for them. The same can be said for Utah and BYU. No one needs to rant or bash another for doing what is best for them. Each school has it's needs and goals which may not match their neighbors.

Utah left for AQ and to align with research universities.

Boise State, Fresno state, and Nevada left for the chance to become an AQ.

When TCU moved to the MWC they had their reasons.

Colorado left the Big-12 for their reasons.

BYU is leaving the MWC for reasons that most MWC fans and administrators don't grasp. When the original TV contract was made between the MWC and Comcast - it was agreed that BYU could broadcast their games via BYU-TV. That agreement was dismissed leaving BYU and it's fans without access to their games. BYU continually approached the MWC to allow them access to broadcast and was declined each time.

For years BYU fans would gather at Church buildings to catch BYU's games via the Church satelite system - Comcast stopped that availability leaving fans wanting.

Keep in mind the most watched sporting event via the Internet was between BYU and Florida this past year in basketball. So yes, there is a fan base warranting national exposure and international in several countries.

Several of BYU's football games while under the ESPN contract remain in the top of the most watched games on ESPN. That includes last years game versus Oklahoma.

By going independent, BYU will now have the exposure it sought while in the MWC thourgh ESPN and through BYU-TV. It is beyond me that the MWC denied that exposure as it would have benefited the whole conference. Imagine TCU vs BYU being shown nation wide, in central and south America, Europe and China. Instead BYU and TCU will play on the Mtn or Versus for a fraction of the potential exposure.

BYU's broadcasting facility could have replaced the Mtn. as the MWC's network - Texas still doesn't have the Mtn right? Texas does have BYU-TV as does New York, Florida, California, etc.

ESPN is the power in sports. Not only is ESPN BYU's partner in gaining exposure but they are helping BYU align match-ups that wouldn't have happened while BYU remained in the MWC. This is due to opposing teams not having received national exposure on the Mtn. Network if games were held in Provo. These are match-ups that BYU use to get while in the WAC when ESPN was the partner due to the exposure. Teams such as Miami, Texas, Notre Dame, Alabama, etc.

To add to ESPN's national audience, BYU-TV is currently in just under 60 million homes in the United States, 60 million more homes in central and south America. That is 120 million homes! BYU-TV is found in Europe and China. In China, BYU-TV is the most watched cable station.

That is 120 million homes excluding Europe and China that BYU can now broadcast every sport and every game without restrictions! That is exposure and that is what BYU desired for the fans and its mission.

It doesn't hurt that BYU will be making more than the Big-East - $2.0 million, PAC-10's $7.5 million to $9.5 million.

Utah State's President stated ESPN was estimating BYU's contract for football at $1.5 million per home game (six to seven homes per year). Fox Regional Sports has offered $5.0 million to broadcast games ESPN does not. KSL, BYU's long time partner wants to get back into the business of broadcasting BYU games as well. Participating in the WCC will provide more ESPN money for basketball and possibly other sports.

I recall following the annoucement MWC schools were saying, who is going to play them (BYU)? Well, West Virginia at a neutral site for $2.25 million, Notre Dame for six games, and Texas for three games. Other teams interested include Miami, Michigan, Alabama, Texas Tech, Florida, PAC-10 schools,etc. Not to mention some MWC schools as BYU fills the stadiums, arenas, and budget coffers.

Due to schedules being made years in advance - it won't be until 2015 that BYU's schedule will become a picture of the future.

Good luck and Go Cougars!!!!!!!!

I stopped reading after 1 paragraph, now i have to go take a nap.

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