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September 30, 2010


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There are only two sports that I can think of that would be remotely concerned about having to move to the BE... Baseball and Women's Basketball. I can't see Schlossnagle being that concerned... and Women's Basketball might take a step back, but any program that is moving in the right direction like this squad can really only gain from a move like this. You either get better or you just weren't that good to begin with.
Don't know what coaches talked to you, but I'm disappointed to hear any such talk. That's not our athletic philosophy has been for years and whoever feels that way should perhaps move on.

TCU is playing at a level of the "big" boys and has been for several years. Their time has come to join the party. The big complaint you here about TCU is it's weak schedule. This is the chance to improve that image. To me this is a no brainer. Auto AQ, big money, TV, better media exposure, and the decline of the MWC. If you're a good team it dosen't matter what conference your in. If the Yankees moved to the National League would there be an adjustment?
Besides, I live in Florida and I could make a weekend of seeing a game in person.

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