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September 26, 2010


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In the coach's poll, Arkansas, who came within an eyelash of beating no. 1 Alabama was ranked at 15, just one spot above Texas at 16, who lost big to still unranked UCLA. Why is Texas still ranked anywhere in the top 25 at all? These polls are indeed a joke.

What's up with the coach's poll, with Texas at 16!!?? That's a joke. They're certainly not a top 20 team...and after OU beats them, they shouldn't be in the top 25.

I don't understand how Oregon could leap over TCU. ASU is not a great team by any measure and they put up 31 points against Oregon's defense. If a defense can stop them from scoring, Oregon probably won't be able to slow down a talented Offense.

I'd like to know two things:
1. With few exceptions, TCU has consistently been kicking the tar out of all its opposition for a long time. How can a team they beat just 3 weeks ago move ahead of them in the "polls?"
2. What dark and powerful force is it that keeps an obscenely flawed and blatantly partial BCS system in place instead of the playoff system that all of us know is needed?

Kelly... TCU beat Oregon STATE (Beavers) not Oregon (Ducks). And as a fanatical TCU fan, I don't disagree with Oregon jumping TCU... TCU is really good, but that SMU game exposed weaknesses. Oregon, thus far, has generally shown less vulnerability. Do I think that TCU gets it together and and moves back up? Heck yeah, but for this week... I'd vote Oregon ahead of TCU too... Don't know that I'd put Boise State 2 spots ahead of us though... Boise and TCU look pretty close in terms of ability.

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