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September 13, 2010


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You are kidding, right! Baylor has everything to gain by beating TCU #4 (where is Baylor ranked). Let me give you some facts... TCU is 14-3 against teams in an AQ conference and 5-2 against big 12 opponents. The real question is what has TCU got to gain by playing Baylor...nothing.

Mac Engel...wow. This article is just embarrassing. Compare TCU to Baylor over the last 10 years and it's not even close. TCU is by far the superior program in every aspect. TCU hasn't figured out how to "play the stupid system," TCU has simply performed at an elite level...Baylor should take notes.

Engel here is your next headline


(including me)

This must be the same question as "Why is Rice playing Texas" and Rice = Baylor and Texas = TCU.

Regardless of Baylor's positioning in the Big XII south, it is still a better team than all but three, maybe four teams on TCU's schedule. That helps TCU strength of schedule in the computers. Also, Baylor's strength of schedule helps TCU, although not anywhere near as much as in the old BCS system.

For Baylor, it is a chance to make that left turn at Albuquerque they've missed for the last 14 years. Taking down a top-ten opponent would be a giant step for the team.

But honestly, neither team has anything to gain from just playing the other. They both have a lot to gain from beating each other, though. A win for TCU adds some computer and style points towards a BCS bid, and a win for Baylor makes earning a bowl berth a whole lot easier.

Lets review.... TCU was at one time located in Waco. Yes that was almost 100 years ago. But until the breakup of the SWC TCU-Baylor was the longest standing Texas college footbell rivalry. Both schools will benefit from renewing this rivalry and not worrying about the polls and the money for once. Go Frogs, and Go Bears. Mac...Shut up!

You are a moron. For a guy that works out at the TCu rec, you sure do bag on TCU quite a bit. Be careful what you write.

For a very very long time this was the longest played series in the United States until TCU got mad about being left in out of Big XII and canceled the series. I am really happy to see these two teams renew the series any chance they get and frankly wish TCU would tell SMU to piss off and make the Baylor game a regular event on the schedule. These two schools have quite a bit in common. Edge to TCU for sure, but athlete wise these teams are very close.

Mac - When is your piece coming out on teh standing room only crowd expected at the game? You always find time to spin it the other direction.

Mac really has no clue. Poor guy I almost feel sorry for him.

Engel still belongs to the club that wears blinders. He thinks that because a conference was anointed a few years back that their talent is better than a non-anointed teams talent. If that brain-dead moron thinks the ACC or Big East has better teams and talent than the MWC he really needs to quit drinking the BCS kool-aid. Heck, on any given year the Big 12 only has 2 or 3 teams that are a step above the MWC. Texas, OU and sometimes Nebraska. All the rest are just filler. Take your @sshat off Mac, it's not becoming.

Is Engel mailing this stuff in between job interviews at grocery stores? Where can my 14 year old apply to replace him at the ST?

First, TCU gets critized for playing a lowly Big 12(10) cellar dwellar like Baylor and now you're asking why Baylor is playing TCU? You don't think Baylor would love to beat the #4 team in the country? They have everything to gain and nothing to lose. They could lose all their non-conference games, somehow win the Big 12(10) and then they're in a BCS game. TCU has to win every game just to be considered. The real question is why Texas and A&M won't play TCU anymore. Mac, get a clue.

This ridiculous piece of writing is forcing the issue - when will the S-T get some legitimate writers in its sports section? (Except for Stefan Stevenson and J.F. Engel, I'd like to see them all gone)

Semi-objective, just curious which of these teams on TCU's schedule do you think Baylor is better than?

Oregon State, Utah, Air Force or BYU?

Maybe Baylor could beat SMU, but not so sure.

Hey Mac, yeah TCU has figured out how to play this stupid system and that is to put a team together that can beat almost any other program in the country and then have to go season after season not losing more thana game and you fnally get into the BCS when you go undefeated. Simple really and that is why so many team not in the autobid conferences have made their way into the BCS games.

Mac, the factual and opinionated inaccuracies of this article do not warrant a response from any football fan, thus I will keep my comments to a minimum.


Are you the same Mac Engel who printed the dirty rumor that TCU was trying to bar Baylor from the MWC? The TCU AD called the ST to tell your bosses that was made up bs. What is behind this personal desire of yours to set TCU & Baylor at odds?

Baylor gains nothing but a win if they beat TCU...who plays a full schedule of cupcakes. I do not beleive Baylor will win against TCU. TCU gains the most by playing Baylor. In their own minds, they can tell themselves that they beat a Big XII team. Wow...beating Baylor in football is really special!! Now that is another story when you consider any other university sport...where Baylor is the real deal nationally and TCU is just another cupcake.

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