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October 25, 2010


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This is the single most poorly written article I've ever read. Romatic? What word is that? There are just verbs and nouns aplenty missing in action in half of these sentences...I also hope the grammar are a result of the author's foibles, and not Griffin, they are horrible as well.

Hey Chris, pretty much par for the course on "College Confidential"... It might be under the Star-Telegram.com banner, but I don't think they have editors and the writer's obviously don't care enough to proof their own pieces.

I can sure remember when you could at least count on print media to give a rat's ass about proper use of the English language. Guess nowadays we keep producing adults that don't read and can't write.

Pretty sure the previous comments come from grown men and or college age guys who are upset that they can't get Griffin's balls in their mouths now.

Oh you really got them good with that one, Josh.

Because everybody knows that changing the subject from someone caring about proper use of grammar and spelling to
questioning the sexuality of those that point out grammatical errors in an article is obviously PURE PWNAGE and the people you just laid waste to will never show their faces on the internet again.

Think before you type, please.

Hey Josh... I don't give a rip about Griffin other than he's helping TCU's strength of schedule by winning games after being shutdown by the Frogs.
I do, however, give a rip about supposed "journalists" who don't bother to proofread.
Hell, RG3 could write a better entry.

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