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October 06, 2010


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Sorry, RG III's comments weren't wise or mature on his part. Baylor would do best by focusing on the rest of their schedule. TCU's by far the best team they'll play all year and no matter what they did, they wouldn't have a chance of beating a vastly superior team. All he's doing is creating bulletin board material for next year.

Sorry but you need to write everything if you going to kiss the bear as usual. Another problem RGIII had during the game was hearing fans heckle Baylor "still the same old bears". If you are old enough to be at the helm of the offense you have to block out the heckling which he did not. When he speaks of the TCU game he almost has a meltdown every time. He hasn't grown past this and he will have problems in the future. He needs to mature three years between now and his last game or he won't win the big ones coming up. Hope he gets into the NFL but can't wait for that Big lineman to flatten him and say "you just got beat by the better team and that's all there is to it" with a big smile. :-)

I see it otherwise, he's an arrogant hot head who had a fluke of a game against Kansas - one of the worst teams in college football. If he's going to talk smack, he needs to back it up with his feet, not his mouth before and after the game.

Mac...you are an idiot. RG3 was a chump and TCU showed it. Perhaps the BIG 12 needs to step up their defenses instead of calling he a phenom.

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