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October 02, 2010


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If Gary Patterson was the kind of guy who rolls up big point spreads and kicks 'em when they're down, he would have bee the kind of guy who would have left for a bigger program years ago.

FIRE THE ENGELS - Both Mac and Jennifer obviously don't like TCU, they never have anything good to say about us, so let them go someplace where they can report on a team they like.

I read somewhere that TCU is one of only three or four teams to start 5-0 in each of the last three years.

I have responded on this blog numerous times and I will continue to say it. I love GP he has made TCU Football what it is. However, once again he lost an opporttunity to score "style " points. If I were red shirt freshman quarterback and was inside the 10 yard line, I would be very disappointed in a coach that told me to take a knee instead of giving me the opportunity to show what I can do. I would be wondering if I made the right choice in choosing TCU. Who is GP trying to make feel good, his opponents? his fans? or his players? I know where his obligation should be. Does any one think that if an opponent gets the chance they won't try to score just one more touchdown on TCU? Get real folks.

And by the way.............don't be surprised if TCU drops in tpolss again.

As an alumni I'm extremely proud of the type of team Coach Patterson has created at TCU. Kicking a team when they're out of the game doesn't prove you're a better team, only a classless, unsportsmanlike chump. The discussion of style points is nothing more than another season of moving the goal posts when discussing the validity of "non-AQ" teams. The computers don't count margin of victory, only the human polls seem to be taking this new tactic into account when voting on their favorites.

I believe Jennifer Engel made the point this week that these are the rules that college football plays by, which is incorrect. Style points are part of the ever changing rules the AQ conferences and sports-writers continue to make-up each season. There is no rule book to point to that says teams that throw for TDs late in the fourth quarter when up three or more scores are to be considered gods of the gridiron. There is no article of regulations that forces voters and computers to rank teams in the top 5 if they're from an AQ conference regardless of their margin of victory, while required to keep non-AQ teams out unless they break triple digits.

These "rules" - and Mac is certainly using the playbook based on his "update" above - are rubbish. If sport-writers hate the style point argument, then stop using it as a club to bash non-AQ teams and start writing articles on the "style" and class Gary Patterson brings to a sport that has become more about kicking people when their down and cashing in on the experience.

I don't think style points are essential, but we definitely need to be controlling these games. 6-0 at halftime is not gonna cut it. We need to not be giving people a reason to drop us in the polls and the last two weeks have given the AQ lovers all the excuses they need to do that. Hopefully we got it out of our system.

SMFoushee, you must live in the same house as Alice in Wonderland. No one said GP isn't a class guy. Until the spots writers start drinking your cool-aid, there will be style point reviews, and they are different for AQ's than non AQ's. I don't like the system any more than you do but the AQ's control it. Like Engel said, when you play in their arena you have to play by their rules.

"I don't like the system any more than you do but the AQ's control it. " - Florida Frog Fan @ 12:27PM

The AQ's don't control the discussion and national biasing of voters towards the need for style points, the national sports writers do. Reporters don't have to drink the kool-aid, but rather report on the merits of the game instead of moaning about how one team didn't show "style" because they elected to put in their second team and stop throwing in the fourth quarter. Style points have nothing to do with the game of Football and ironically aren't stylish in any form or function.

The editor's note above, and Jennifer Engel's article earlier this week just prove my point. These aren't reporters on the AQ payroll, they're beat reporters for TCU, and yet they're happy with reporting that TCU - once again - didn't put up a 40-50 margin of victory. You want to change the system? It doesn't take playing by imaginary rules that change season to season in an effort to discredit a team or teams outside of the BCS. It takes honesty and integrety; two things Coach Patterson has brought to TCU football, too bad the national sports writers seem to lack similar qualities.

Imagine how quickly this debate would end tomorrow if 20% of sports writers woke up and called out style points for what they are - utter BS. Imagine how nice it would be to read, in a game recap, that a team shut down their offense in the second half, or let their second and third team get some reps but elected just to run instead of passing for first downs and - like Mack Brown - TDs late in the game when the outcome was already decided.

Perhaps that does describe wonderland in this era of College Football, and it's too bad class and ethics no longer exist in the real world.

SmFoushee, I wish there was world peace, no racism, no poverty, and no BCS. Unfortuneately all those do exist. Nuff said.

you guys need to get a grip. TCU looked HORRIBLE against a really bad football team. when you are constantly fighting for respect and recognition like TCU is, you can't lead 6-0 at halftime.

Apparently, most of you posters weren't around when we were 1-11 EVERY YEAR! I am LOVING this Frog football. You guys are so spoiled, you are wanting blood (or revenge). Racking up points on a beaten team will never be a trademark for a great program that GP and our school is building. Go Frogs!

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