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October 05, 2010


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Having your "victims" play well is a component of many of the BCS computers. Its a factor in determining the "strengh of schedule" variable.

Unfortunately for TCU/Boise, the BCS scrapped "margin of victory" years ago. The point was to remove the necessity to run up the score late in games. Ironically, this hurts teams that have a good DEFENSE to go with a good offense. So last year Cincinati got as much credit for winning, say 35-34, as TCU got for winning 55-7. I'm fine with calling 35 and 55 even, but you should get credit for holding your opponent to 7 instead of 34. Ironically, margin of victory has been transfered from the computers to the polls in the guise of "Style Points",which hopefully takes defense into account...

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