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October 02, 2010


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Baylor should never be allowed to make comments about TCU attendance... ever

Are they tailgating across the street? or are we fans/alumni setting ourselves up for failure (again)?

They said there were 35,000 people there. Would be nice if you'd update your blog after slamming attendance.

Sooooo.... you managed to have about a TCU sized crowd... despite having almost twice as many students?

TCU should never give anyone grief about attendance. Baylor's first 2 home games were 42K plus. Saturday morning games are tough for people to make. Especially for a Baylor/Kansas game. TCU is in a metro area of over 5 million. Waco has about 100K. You could combine the schools enrollments and barely have 20K. Not to mention TCU is in the top 10. I guarantee if Baylor were in the top 10, there would be 50K plus.

Clayton, TCU has an enrollment of 8k students, living alumni around 70k worldwide and yeah, we live in a huge metroplex where we compete for attention with UT, A&M, OU, Tech, SMU, Baylor, and many others from t-shirt fans and the press. We also have to compete with the Rangers and to some extent, the Cowboys.
Oh, and because we live in such a big area, we have to convince non-students to come to games while competing with a gazillion non-sports related venues.
Waco has... wait... What the hell does Waco have? Are you unable to fill your stadium because everybody is at the Hillsboro Outlet mall? Or is the Dr. Pepper Museum absorbing all those warm bodies?
Seriously... what's your excuse? TCU isn't that far off your average despite not being a superior Big12 school and having about half as many students (Baylor has almost 15k... which means that the 2 schools together would be over 20k).

I'm not saying TCU doesn't have problems, I'm saying that Baylor appears to have its own problems and can't use TCU's attendance problems to detract from their success. Baylor is the only game for like a 90 mile radius and still can't fill their stadium.

And if Baylor was in the Top 10, I'm sure that the stadium would be full, assuming that all the Baylor faithful hadn't been Raptured since the world must be coming to an end.

That photo is deceptive. The baylor line (freshman) are on the field (in yellow) until the team comes on the field. They take up those two empty lower middle sections. Who takes photos before games anyway? Be sure to take a photo before tip at a Lakers game at Staples Center and ask the same question.

I am a Missouri/Big Twelve fan. Baylor shouldn't worry, that is one truly good team that is still developing. Give them time. I watched that game yesterday and was more than a little impressed by Baylor's play. Attendance will increase with every victory.

Proving once again that if they can't slam Baylor's athletes (they actually attend class at Baylor? GASP!), the media will STILL find something petty to whine about.

Mac Engel = longhorn, liar, or loser (or any combination of them)


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