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October 27, 2010


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What's up with the Britney pic, Mac? Trying to go a little Rule 5 on us? :-)

I knew Abe Martin. Abe Martin was a friend of mine. Gary Patterson is no Abe Martin. I like the idea of the traditional uniforms, but Coach Patterson should dress comfortably, so he can make optimal decisions from the sideline. Also, I don't think he would look good in a suit and fedora.

Seriously, I grew up in Fort Worth (b 1950). I love Amon Carter Stadium just the way it is. It is a fun, intimate place to enjoy a game-- win or lose. I trace the beginning of the 35 year decline to 1958, the year they put the second deck on the paying-customer side of the stadium.

--Jim White

You are correct Patterson is no Abe Martin, thank the football gods. In 13 years Martin had a record of
74-64-7. In 1966 after a 2-8 season, he was "promoted" to AD until 1977, during which time the Frogs were terrible. Compare those numbers with Patterson in 10 years, there is no comparison.

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