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October 31, 2010


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I'm more suprised to hear that the elder Bush apparently served two terms.

As much as I'd love to say that Baylor is truly a power this year (particularly since their worst loss was a total beat down a the hands of my Horned Frogs), they still haven't really beaten anybody that can truly be considered a "great" team... if they beat OU, I'll drink the Kool-Aid... until then, they are an above average Baylor team in a sup-par Big12 year.

fair enough .... but i've been waiting five years for a "power" like TCU to beat a "great" team. Life is great in the MWC.

Oh Taco... you and your conference trash talk...

Sic'em Bears! Great article DP.

What about OU, Tech, Utah, and BYU all in the past couple years? Gaylor is a joke. So is their conference.

Watch out, Bears. If you keep winning, Texas will drop you out of the Big 10 out of 12. They only want to SAY that they have a power conference. They only want to play one real team (OK) while scheduling cupcakes like LA-Monroe, UTEP, and Wyoming every year.

Frogs love the bears! Keep winning.
Waicoco is an idiot. This is a sports column, keep your politics to yourself.

Baylor's winning is good for TCU...that, and the Frogs being in a conference that is slightly better than Southlake Carroll and Coppell...frogs will not be taken seriously until they play someone other than the UNLV's, Wyoming's and Colorado State's of the world....TCU would be better as an independent instead of mired in the lowly, soon-to-be-BYU-and-Utah-less MWC

Fort Worther, you must be a UTer in true panic mode. TCU will be playing the #5 team in the country next week. Boise State joined the MWC. We handily beat Baylor who could easily win the Big 12. We would have no more chance of scheduling Texas as an independent than we do now--they won't play anyone that might beat them unless they have to. Have you looked at the ACC and the Big East lately? Air Force would win either conference.

What do TCU and Utah have in common? Neither team has played anybody this season. Woo-hoo!
Utah's signature win is a squeaker over a 5-3 Pitt team. And TCU looked just OK in beating a 4-3 Oregon State team. Talk about some powerhouses matching up!

You said it Taco! These frogs in the metroplex need to get out more...yes, they beat Baylor (but probably wouldn't if they played again today) but TCU is way over-rated and are only undefeated because (like last year)they play NO ONE! Please stop spouting about Boise State...Utah, BSU, and TCU have all played only one quality team each...none of these would be in the top ten if they had to play week-in-week-out tough opponents like in the SEC, Big 12, Big 10, etc.

Hey Aggie, put us on your schedule or shut the hell up.

Nah, UT and A&M are far too busy dueling to see who gets to play LA-Monroe Stenographer's college. What do TCU and BYU have in common? They both beat OK during years that Texas couldn't.

New Mexico, Colorado State, Wyoming, UNLV are four of of the worst teams in America. I don't want to hear about the MWC.

Allen and Plano would go 8-3 with TCU's schedule.

I love that TCU fans talk smack about the time they beat OU...what they seem to not understand is that the Big 12 teams play against OU-type teams almost every week, so they can schedule some soft OOC games. However TCU plays cupcakes every week EXCEPT OOC games...and instead of scheduling tough teams...they pick Tennessee Tech...hey frogs stop touting your record against MWcupcakes...

Taco and aggiefan are too stupid to realize they aren't in Kansas anymore. This is the Ft Worth paper, proud of our Frogs, and content in our success. Even though our campus and sports facilities are worldclass, there still seems to be local trash that is still stuck in the 1980's. Put us in the Big12-2 and we'd win it easily. I'd love to play the Baylors, ags, techs etc every year, what a cakewalk.

i also would like to see how TCU fares in a season where it has to play OU, Mizzou, OSU, UT, etc., year in and year out. Especially next season with a brand-new Frogs O-line and a new starting QB. that would be fun. I would laugh. A lot tougher than the bunch of New Mexicos they play now.

World class facilities? Did you build a new stadium and arena lately? I was at DMC this summer and it is still a dump (and still empty.)

It is easy to predict your outcome against Big 12 teams...especially when you playing New Mexico and Las Vegas High Schools. Be proud of your frogs, but be realistic too!

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