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October 31, 2010


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since the SWC breakup, aren't the Frogs 14-3 against the big 12-2?
Aren't the ags one of the only teams afraid to schedule the Frogs?
Guess we'll just keep beating OU, Clemson, USC, Utah (who smoked Alabama) etc, etc. The only way we'll see a&m on the field is in a bc$ bowl. Oh wait, ags never get invited to those. That's our house!

Another frog fan that completely misses the point. Yes you beat those teams, but one quality team per year is not impressive. If you played in a quality conference, you'd be playing those kinds of teams each week...like we do. C'mon are you really that stupid that you can't grasp that or do you choose to remain ignorant because it makes you feel better?

As a TCU fan who "grew up" in the 70's and 80's, I am completely THRILLED that the t-sips and ags feel they need to trash talk TCU! How great is that?!! Also, I love to see how you all forgot about the topic of this thread (Baylor). Keep it up! I love it!

No I don't believe in the Bears.....They were completely exposed today...........

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