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October 25, 2010


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you all be sure to get your shots in this year while we're down. This won't last long. Do take advantage of this while you can.

BTW, we heard the same sad snub story from the likes of Todd Reesing and Chase Daniel too. They cried and cried, but couldn't do anything about it on the field. We'll see what Griffin can do.

Such arrogance! With an attitude like that, it's good that Iowa State took the Horns down a peg.

TexShoe: UT's slump will last awhile with that incompetent coaching staff and arrogant program. I mean, come on, it's not like Texas is a national power. One national championship in 40 freakin' years! And all it took was the single-greatest performance in college football history for the Horns to barely beat USC! I'll wait for the Horns' next title in 35 years .... maybe. Who else has one title in 40 years? Colorado, Ga. Tech, BYU .... that's more the Horns' level.

Griffin is a great kid, but Colt McCoy who Texas did offer at QB was the most winning QB in NCAA Div 1 history. And he also led Texas to a MNC game. You left that part out of your article.

"Texas did not recruit me as a quarterback,'' Griffin said Monday. "But they walked into my (high school) coach's office and placed an offer on the table as an "athlete,'' then walked out, so I never saw them.''

HAHA! that would make rg3 the first kid mack has ever offered w/o meeting, much less having him on campus and meeting his parents.

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