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November 28, 2010


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Why the man-crush for Venables? Okie Lite put up 41 points, if I recall correctly. I shudder to think what they would have scored with a healthy Justin Blackmon. This week Venables gets Nebraska without Taylor Martinez, so he lucks out once again.

Sidney: Apparently you don't know that the 7 points given up on special teams and 7 points given up on an interception returned for a touchdown do not count against OU's defense. That said, they still gave up 27 points without a healthy Blackmon. Hopefully, Venables will get lucky again without a healthy Martinez. Why no Kevin Wilson bashing? Oh, that's right. OU scored 47 points. All against OSU's defense. Go hide in your hole again til next year, you closet Poke fan!

Speaking of next year, take a gander at the poke schedule for 2011. Another 9 or 10 season?

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