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November 29, 2010


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Your rules, your BCS system, your problem if TCU succeeds with them.

Newton and the SEC doesn't deserve to be let off the hook for corruption. That's the only thing I know for sure. Who knows how much Palmer was paid or if he was paid, but if my former conference was making itself look dirty, I think that would be the focus of my dismay and dissatisfaction.

What in idiot Jesse "The Bachelor" Palmer is! Lets just look at the two unbeatens nevermind the 1 loss teams he talked about who were/are "beatable" since they lost a game!

Auburn looked "beatable" against Kentucky, the same Kentucky that lost to Tennesse and Ol Miss (dont let the big names fool you these teams suck)

Oregon looked beatable against Cal - the same Cal who were soundly beaten by Nevada and Oregon St? HmmmOrgen St lost to TCU and Nevada beat Boise!

First of all Palmer is a frigen Canadian and the little punk couldn't even play in the pros. But he is allowed to have his opinion which is so lame , his big thing of the day is his hair look good for the camera

Frogs don't deserve to play in it. They don't play in a conference (or a schedule) where they will get routinely pounded physically whether they win or lose. It's one thing to play Oregon State ( who turned out to be a dud) and then play patsy after patsy in environments that are anything but hostile. Most of the stadiums they play in don't seat more than 40,000 and usually have more empty seats than fans attending ( Colorado State,San Diego State, etc...)Auburn plays on the road in front of 80,000 people who hate their guts.The Frogs play on the road in front of opposing crowds who are more interested in the amount of snow on the slopes or how tasty the waves are

All the know nothings need to do is actually LOOK at TCU's schedule. They played 6 bowl elligible/ top 25(at some point in the season) teams. Ask those schools if they'd like to play TCU again. TCU's defense against Oregons offense? What a match up.

How do you figure? Please provide some data to back that up. Any rationale, educated sports person would look at you schedule and give the edge to the BT teams. BTW, WI beat TWO top 25 teams, OSU and Iowa.

What college did those JERKS attend and
ever graduate with glowing grades?? Some people seem to think they know every thing when they don't know beans! TCU had some All-Americans graduate from a Christian College i.e. Jim Swink and Bob Lilly.!!! I've always supported Texas Christian through their toughest times and will continue.So those ESPN announcers may have to eat crow one day. GO FROGS, we're proud of you.

LOL tht interview was the best one i've ever seen!!!!!
lol 'dick fountain' LMAO!!!!!!!!!!

omg i love jackass so much!!!!!! =D <3 <3

I have a better question, why is MSU, not playing in a major bowl game. They kicked Wisconsin's Butt! Some day someone will pay for this BS!

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