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January 13, 2011


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Just an FYI, Crowton took the OC job, not the HC at Maryland.

I hope Fuente stays, but I wouldn't blame him for taking the job at LSU.

I would blame him. He's in a position to keep building this program, that happens to be skyrocketing with no forseeable ceiling. Why go to a program in crappy N.O., and get beat by the frogs starting 2012?

Two things, GolfDog-

1) LSU is in Baton Rouge, not New Orleans.

2) New Orleans is not crappy.

But yeah, I don't think becoming the OC at LSU would be a step up from where he is currently. The head coaching job at Tulsa, though...

Hey Golf Dog. Get your facts straight before shouting at the internet world. LSU is not in N.O.

That would be like saying TCU is in Dallas, which happens and pisses me off.

Lsu is an elite program and I think as a Lsu fan having a experience offensive coordinator would help Lsu.we need a coordinator and this would be a building process for us.get him miles(fuentes) and this would be a good hire in my perspective.

Oh Wow! He's an offensive coordinator at TCU who is heading to the Big East. TCU plays nobody. With or without Fuente LSU would blow TCU out of the stadium any time of the day of any day of the year. TCU is a joke. It would be a big step up for Fuente if LSU decided to hire him. Clemson didn't and USC didn't, seems to me things are coming up which are causing teams not to hire him. He'd be good for LSU, but there are others out there whom I sure would love to have the opportunity to be an OC at LSU who are just as good and better. For him, it would be a big step in the right direction. For LSU, they'll end up and will pick the best of the lot. That's the convenience you have when you have a solid program that plays real teams in real divisions. Bring your Horned Toads on....Same level as Boise State....Waaaay Overrated!

TCU 21, Wisconsin 19.

Eat it, Georgia! (guffaw)

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