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January 27, 2011


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And in related news, today the Student Senate at Texas Tech formally approved the change of the school's mascot from Yosemite Sam to the Prairie Chicken, effective at the end of the current school term.

So much for never scheduling BYU again...

I have a question for anyone who might know the answer-- Why did TCU settle for joining the Big East instead of holding out for the Big 12? It seems like the Big 12 would want to add a team like TCU to help make up for the loss of Nebraska and Colorado. TCU has a very good and classy program, is a good school and is a perfect geographic fit for the Big 12. I've heard it said that the remaining Big 12 teams are afraid of TCU. I realize that TCU is strong now, but like every program it will have off years and would probably be challenged by Big 12 teams that are not-so-strong now. Did the Big 12 black ball the Frogs?
--Jim White

Television. The number of Longhorns, Sooners, Aggies, Raiders, Bears and even Cornhusker fans living in the DFW area is immense. The TV networks already own that huge market with the teams they have and the "Frog Base" wouldn't add many viewers. However, if they were in the Big 12, Amon Carter (or Cowboy) Stadium would be sold out for every home game and attended by a sea of Orange, Red, Maroon, Black and Green to cheer on the visiting teams. Instead the Frogs are following the Dallas Cowboys to New York (Syracuse), Philadelphia (Villanova) and Washington, D.C. (W. Virginia) and will be seen in markets which make DFW seem small. (That's why the Cowboys wanted in the NFL East back in 1960 - Television)

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