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February 09, 2011


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I thought it was interesting to find out that TCU ducked a proposed game this season with Wisconsin (this is coming from the Wisconsin athletic department).

Since TCU was allegedly so upset with Texas Tech for dropping a game, why would the avoid an offered game against Wisconsin?

I've read a number of times that TT actually had some valid reasons for dropping TCU's game (i.e. no contract was in place and TCU wouldn't return the game to Lubbock plus they had to drop a game for the Big 12 schedule), but after all of TCU's complaining about the difficulty replacing the TT game it seems pretty disingenuous for TCU to duck a proposed game with Wisconsin.

Afterall, TCU's reason for getting upset with TT was that they wouldn't be able to find another marquee opponent to fill the spot. It looks like not only was TCU able to find another marquee opponent, but TCU ducked the opportunity to play them.

TCU seems to be talking out of both sides of it's mouth in order to play the mid-major card. But it's apparently TCU who is creating it's own problems.

It's not from the Wisc athletic dept, the rumor came from a fan board. No truth to it, but go ahead being jealous of TCU all you want.

There is no way that Patterson rejects a football game with Wisconsin. A basketball pass against Wisconsin, by TCU, I would believe. I frankly do not know how the Frogs can compete effectively against the Big East basket ballers, however. They better shape up in that sport.

The supposed game with Wisconsin wouldve bumped off Baylor, creating more scheduling woes. TCU did have a contract with TTU, the return game was supposed to have been last year, which tech canceled for moving the UT game to ESPN. As for TCU ducking opponents, check their contracted opponents for the next few years. You'll find Virginia, Oklahoma next year with 1 and 1s setup with lsu and arkansas the following 4 years. Might want to check your facts before you do the bucky JohnP. Sorry for your loss to the frogs on new years day, but eat your humble pie in silence.

It actually came from Wisconsin's coach. But the alleged offer was before Tech chickened out and TCU already has the Baylor game on the schedule for the proposed date. I love the attempted spin from the Tech fans, though. Please cite to one credible source supporting the claim that no contract was in place and TCU wouldn't return the game to Lubbock. I can cite to multiple media outlets, including this very newspaper, which state Tech's motivation was to avoid a guaranteed loss. Pansies.

TCU wasn't going to play Wisconsin away from Fort Worth next year when they already had Texas Tech chicken out and the MWC moved the Boise game to Idaho. They also would've had to either cancel the Baylor game or ask Baylor to reschedule because that is when ESPN wanted to match up TCU and Wisconsin. There was no way that game was going to happen.

As per those who are ragging on TCU for 'ducking' Wisconsin, the game would have been in Madison. TCU already got hosed by the MWC by having to move the Boise game to Idaho, thus losing a home game. The Wisconsin game would just have been adding yet another road game. THAT was the reason for the decline.

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Who the hel* wants to go to Boise in December? Reason #43 that i am glad we are leaving the mwc.

I'm not sure that going to Boise in December is worse than, say...going to Connecticut, or Syracuse, or Pittsburgh in December... I doubt that the Big East is going to let TCU decide to play at home the last 3 weeks of the schedule just to avoid cold weather.

So you can play in Pittsburgh in December? :)

This would make more sense...

tcu may finally have a year when they can sell out their jr high stadium.

2012 will be a different story when the whole stadium is open. Face it tcu, no one cares about you, not even your own fans.

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