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August 17, 2011


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If Perryman is such a great "economist", why is he being sued by a Nevada bank for $248,000 in delinquent credit card debt.

Two people are at fault here:

1. Mark White, for being a washed up 80s politician and hack-job artist; and

2. The FWST for not calling White on his dubious facts or this B.S. report, that is about to get blasted by a Forbes sports business reporter.

Shame on your desperation, Baylor. Your never cared for TCU or SMU in 1995!

So a former Dem governor who couldn't win reelection is suggesting the current Republican governor whose won multiple re-elections and is a presidential candidate should use political influence and remove funding for a state institution and cost thousands of Texas families more money in tuition to punish a school for changing athletic conferences?

Mr. White - Moving to the SEC does not mean that A&M will no longer play at KYLE FIELD, which is, of course, still located in Texas. Of the 9 games A&M will play in Texas, six to seven are at Kyle Field and one may continue with Arkansas in Dallas depending on how things negotiate out with the SEC. The most games that A&M would play at the other Big XII schools is a whopping 2 games in any year (since A&M would not play Baylor, Tech, and Texas on the road in the same year).

Mr. White - The Perryman report is rife with contrived figures. Further, there is no plan to move the A&M campus east of the Sabine River so tell me how this will hurt the people of Texas. You and Perryman share the same hidden agenda, that being that you want Baylor to have a chair when the music stops. Within 5 yrs. there will be 80 Div. 1 schools and the remainder, including Baylor, will be a 2nd tier group.

The desperation in the Baylor camp is downright embarrassing. Have some pride!

Of course he went to Baylor... I smell jealousy.

A baylor grad...isnt that weird. Seriously cut it with the biased reporting on this issue, its rather sickening even to someone who doesnt care either way.

A&M is full of jealousy, the fact remains, they will always be 2nd to UT in anything they do wherever they do it. Leaving the big 12 will not hurt UT and if A&M really has a problem with UT then they should try to win a championship or even be in contention. whether they leave or stay UT will remain superior.

The truth of the matter is that Texas used its leverage to go she ate a sweetheart deal with ESPN, at the same time the big 12 revisits it's TV contract. At the threat of leaving the big 12 and le on theaving behind such schools as Baylor, Texas got their way at the point of a gun.

No credible person doubts that Texas controls the big 12 commissioner and that lapdog status has consistently been affirmed throughout the history of the big 12. Recently however no doubt who controls the big 12 office.

Colorado and Nebraska both bailed on this inequitable arrangement and A&M should as well. The reality is that at the end of the day–the only teams that will stay with Texas are those that have no other options. Quality programs do not trust their dealings with Texas.

Mark white is a quality person and no one can fault him for looking after his Alma Mater- Baylor. But the truth of the matter is the SEC is the right move for A&M. At the end of the day- only the teams like Baylor (who have no other options) will stay with Texas under the current arrangement.
Espn could have put the money it paid into the Big 12 but chose to make a sweetheart deal with Texas at the expense of the Big 12 remaining teams. Texas got this at the threat of busting up the league 1 year ago. This is not a stable situation and will never be as structured.

texas a&m,aka the new Mississippi State

We will enjoy seeing you rot in the sec

Nobodys stopping the Aggies from forming their own Sports network like Texas--if they can get any bites. Although that idea might sell about as well as the Dusty, unsold A&M Shirts & trinkets in Academy, Wal Mart & other stores, usually at half price.

Welcome to the 3rd shelf existance and the dust that accompanies annual 4-8 teams.

The fact that a private institution is begging the state of Texas to stop A&M from doing what's best for a public institution is beyond ironic.

Baylor: Put on your big boy pants and take care of yourselves.

I have to state how stupid this economic thing is.

A&M at the most will play 2 away games in state in the conference.

One year they play Baylor and Texas the next Tech away.

That being said, Baylor and Texas aren't far enough to make staying the night in Austin or Waco worth it. So there is very little revenue gained for the town in this case.

Tech is far enough you will need to get a hotel, but not the two hour and a half away games. Other sports are even more negligible.

NOW take in the SEC. Florida, Georgia, LSU, Alabama, Arkansas, Miss. St and Ole Miss fans travel very well. Towns around College Station know how crazy things are in the fall. Teams that have to get lodging usually have to go to Conroe or *gasp* Waco to get a hotel for the team, more or less the fans.

The net gain from the additional revenue from SEC fans traveling more than outweighs what little revenue that would be lost from the extra Dr. Peppers being sold at the Whataburger in Waco that night.

The only people set to lose aren't even the townfolk of Waco or Austin, but Baylor, who isn't even a state school and Texas who will, cry me a river here, lose 10 mil a year from the collapse of the LHN. That's 10 mil out of $120 million (2008 number)

I don't get this revenue sharing thing. Texas sells the most merchandise, sells out it's stadium and sells it's brand. They make the most money, so they should receive the most money. Other schools should get on board and do the same.

Ok MBA Texas A&M, BBA Baylor, so I have ties to both oh and by the way my wife has degrees from both as well. Frankly I have already told the Former Students Association that I will not be contributing again if this goes through. I have also written the legislature and said that Texas A&M should lose all funding associated with athletics if this happens.

Why, not because of what will happen with Baylor, but because of what is going to happen with Texas College Sports. I dont like the overall leaning of the last two years. I have also made it plain to the legislature that they should make sure that Texas builds that network on non-State given land, without any State dollars into it. IE let the fan base pay for it and not the taxpayers.

I remember playing at Kyle Field, I remember playing in Waco, and Austin. I think A&M will be giving up a lot more than it is getting. I can tell you from relatives who now live in Arkansas and are die hard Hog fans, the move to the SEC wasn't sunshine and roses and flat screwed them over in recruiting.

By the way, Baylor is headed towards being a perennial Basketball powerhouse. I think that someone is going to want that program in a meaningful conference so I am not that worried about Baylor.

But if Texas A&M wants to go its own way, do it and do it without Taxpayer cost or funding. It will also do it without contributions from my household which will now go to Baylor in full.

"I have also written the legislature and said that Texas A&M should lose all funding associated with athletics if this happens."

Um, that was a waste of a letter. In the state of Texas, by law no funding goes to support athletics in state universities.

And the t.u. network investment is funded by ESPN.


"I don't get this revenue sharing thing. Texas sells the most merchandise, sells out it's stadium and sells it's brand. "

The issue is with regards to TV revenue, not merchandise sales. The SEC, Big10, Pac12 & ACC all share TV dollars equitably. The Big12 does not. Any wonder Colorado & Nebraska split? A&M IS attempting to make more money - the SEC provides that opportunity.

As an old Aggie, I have no great desire to see my team compete in the SEC. However, in 1994, I had no great desire to see my team compete in the Big 12. Where was Mark White (and Bill Clements and Ann Richards, for that matter) when Texas, Texas Tech, Baylor, and Texas A&M deserted the Southwest Conference?

The problem is the grossly un-level playing field that results from schools like Texas having exclusive TV deals on the side. As a State university, Texas A&M has a responsibility to the taxpayers to make sure it does not let the current deal with the Big 12 deteriorate further and put its athletic operations into the red.

Texas is taking advantage of a fantastic deal from the TV network. But the effect of this deal is not good for the other schools in the Big 12. Things will continue downhill like this for another decade or two, I suppose until we have Texas, USC, Notre Dame, Miami and the Dallas Cowboys in a single college football / pro wrestling / beauty conference, financed by Netflix Sports.

What does Rick Perry think of this? I doubt that he thinks very much about this at all. He is up in New Hampshire speechifying about the twin theories of evolution and creationism in the Texas school curriculum.

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