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August 15, 2011


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Representative Branch,

Do you feel now that you don't have to try and derail "what is best" for "one of the finest institutions in America"? I have one suggestion and that is to proceed with the meeting as planned so that when A&M gets "her" ducks in a row in the next few days you may not be seen as quite the obstructionist you are. The last time I checked, you are a representative of all the people of Texas and not just those wearing burnt orange.

I challenge that if you were in fact looking out for what is best for Texas you would have intervened a few years ago when the A&M representatives wanted to join with tu in securing a Lonestar network that could showcase both schools but were rebuked by tu officials. Where was your concern then?

Your past documented comments about tu's great efforts to secure money without public financing compared to these actions simply make you look hypocritical to those with open eyes. And sir if the shoe fits then perhaps you should wear it while tendering your resignation from the house.

Branch is what's wrong with our political system. Instead of getting questions answered now, he would rather wait until the last minute to do things. He must have a tee off time with deloss dodds planned. What an ass. It's not about what's best for Texas schools, but rather what is best for t.u.. Remember it was the politicians that forced baylor on us during the formation of the big xii. TCU or UH would've been a better fit. Goodbye SEC, hello bevo 10!

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