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September 07, 2011


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Let Texas A&M leave the Texas Little 12. The conference is one-step away from failure and Baby Beebe is the reason. Baylor is crying because, with its lack of status, it will
end-up in a non-qualifying conference...as it should be. I hope Oklahoma, Okie
State, Missouri and the other former BIG EIGHT
teams dump on the entire state of Texas. The smoke from the fires is not the biggest stink in the state.

If you squawking Aggies are looking for perfection, don't look in the mirror. A & M and its petty jealousy over UT's power plays and TV contract has the Ags wanting to cancel all deals made a year ago, and bolt for the SEC with their tales tucked between their high-topped leggings.

Don't point fingers at Baylor, cause three of those annoyed Aggie fingers come back at yourselves. Baylor's not doing anthing that isn't in their best interest, anymore than is A&M or any others of the self-preservation prone Big 12 members. Why should Baylor be expected to just fall on its sword, and ride off quietly into the sunset because of the financial whims of such state supported schools as A&M, Texas or Oklahoma?

Some schools in the Big, or Little 12 as it was called, have used this "jumping ship" like a bus, only riding it if it's going their way.

A&M is a great university, but some of you fans there are so biased and narrow minded about private schools (like Baylor) that you have to stack your prejudices vertically.

Personally speaking, A&M and other so-called self important state schools have become a toothache pain that so far as I'm concerned deserve extraction. If the Aggies leave the Big 12, and that appears imminent, then good riddance so far as I'm concerned. Baylor, like TCU, will land on its feet in a different league...and one no doubt which will appreciate what it brings to the table in both athletics, tradition, and scholastic achievement.

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