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September 07, 2011


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I felt that was really a violation of trust right there,” Loftin said. Last year I made a 10 year committment to the Big 12 (all the remaining 9 schools) and signed a 10 year contract with Fox. Sure many of the other schools had options last year and with my commitment to them passed on those options. Despite my schools code of conduct and respect for tradition I personally chose to throw all of that out the window. I want more money for my school while telling everyone else they are greedy. I do not want to compensate Baylor or other schools that will be financially damaged by my violation of their trust in me and Texas A&M. I certainly sdo not mind sharing equally with those that make twice as much as me but would refuse to share equally with those that make half as much as me. Anyway despite A&Ms violation of trust and abandoning a legal contract I am sure pissed that someone else has decided to keep their options opened.

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