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September 04, 2011


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You're right about the LHN being sold to the league and rebranded as a Texas based PAC 16 RSN, but you're talking out of your ass when saying Texas could choose to be an independent in football.

Get one thing straight, Texas will not have power in the PAC 16. Schools out here don't gush over burnt orange the way you do, and they'll just be 1/16th of the league - not the power broker.

Money is power. Texas has the money. A bunch of California schools in a bankrupt state don't. Texas will be the power broker in whatever conference it decides to grace.

Stay away from the beef, it's tainted...
It's already killed one conference & the other is on life support.

Texas would not have the power in a proposed Pac-16. Schools like Utah, USC, Oregon, Colorado, Washington, and UCLA are not simply going to bend over and take it from the Longhorns. This move is going to happen. The Longhorn Network will be sold to the Pac-12 and re-branded as the Pac-16 Texas Network, which will jointly pool the third-tier TV rights for Texas and Texas Tech.

"Texas has the money. A bunch of California schools in a bankrupt state don't."

Tom Landry Fan, you've neglected the fact that two of the four California schools (Stanford and USC) are private schools, so it doesn't matter if the state is bankrupt, the private schools are fine. Indeed, Stanford's endowment is roughly the same size as the endowment of the entire 15-campus University of Texas SYSTEM (not just the flagship campus at Austin, which is the one discussed in this article, of course).

It's all about the money and lets face it Texas is and always has been where the big money gets made, it is just ashame that this is how the world has to work.

If Texas goes to the PAC they will be eating Crow the whole way! Going from 2 revenue streams and the most money of all Big 12 payouts to equal share of the money and no separate money for the longhorn network. Worse for them is that because this move was made first my Oklahoma- who is telling the world they do not follow Texas- Texas will have to follow Oklahoma! and Texas lost all bargaining power.
Finally, Texas will be just another team in a major conference politically- and will not much enjoy being the team put down instead of the team putting others down.
NO the move to the PAC will be a MAJOR LOSS oF POWER AND FACE FOR UT!

If Texas would have shared the money for the LHN the big 12 would still be 12! I wonder what Crow tastes like!

It's good to see articles written that finally place blame, where it belongs, on the demise of a wonderful conference.

Nebraska, gone.
Colorado, gone.
A&M, gone.
Missouri begged for a Big-10 bid last year.

Greedy UT traded the above for the LHN.

What's sad is, though the university will make $325m on the LHN, UT football fans are paying a much bigger price.

Nebraska left because the Big 10 pays twice as much as the Big 12 was paying. Colorado left because they were worried they would be left out of realignment (as Baylor was being discussed as a replacement for them). They have also coveted the Pac 10 conference for a generation.

The Big 12 would have collapsed if they required equal revenue sharing. Why would Texas, Oklahoma and Nebraska agree to make $5 million per year in Big 12 if revenue was shared equally when they could change conferences and earn four times as much? Sharing may be fair when each school provides a comparable value as probably exists in the Big 10, Pac 10 and SEC. However where you have Iowa State, Kansas State, Baylor, Kansas, et al where there is little value in their football product it is difficult to have equal sharing. Therefore the conference probably is collapsing as a result of the disparity in the conferences relative values as foootball properties.

When it comes to winning in business, you have to hand it to Texas, they have the money and the means to support themselves financially so can basically do what they want!

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