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October 26, 2011


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Louisville was the leader the entire time, and then all of sudden WVU jumps in. It doesn't make sense, and I still think Louisville gets in initially, and then WVU when the BIG 12 expands back to 12 teams. Plus wasn't WVU a "lock" for the SEC and ACC at one point?

I think that the Big 12 should give Missouri a deadline of this Friday, 12 noon, to notify if they are with us or want to leave the conferense. If they do not sign a contract then they do not have a choice, they are out the door. Then go after either BYU, WVU or Louisville to bring the conferense back to 10 members. Then next year go after the other 2 to bring us back to 12 memebers.

And the houston cougars ........even though as a ttu fan I hated them beating everyone in years past

LOL Louisville hasn't led anything since CUSA. Give it a rest. UL is a never has been. WVU has at least been at the table and will be there when this is over.

UL is a joke

Hey Peter Piper, UofL won the Big East in its 2nd year of membership. It beat WVU in the highest rated game ever on ESPN.

Louisville has the second most Big East championships in the past 10 years with 40 compared to WVU's 2

UofL makes as much money with their basketball program as WVU makes in football.

UofL has an athletic budget much higher that WVU;s

Louisville has way better facilities in the new 23K YUM center for baskteball and Papa Johns (60K) not counting new baseball, soccer facilities,.

Louisville has consistently placed higher than WVU in the sears director cup (combining multiple sports).

The only think wvu has better is a football won loss record. Thats it.

The Airport in Louisville is 4 miles from campus not 90 miles from Pittsburghs airport.

Louisville is 400 miles close to the Big 12 than WVU.

Louisville hasnt thrown itself at any and all conferences only to be denied.

The Big 12 Generals are doing this all wrong. We should include Louisville and BYU or Cincinnati into the Big 12 now…
This is the Big 12 not the Big 10. Also, give Missouri a deadling this week to stay or get out. Missouri has no intentions of hurrying as long as we silently wait. We have a good and strong conference, and with W. Virginia, Cincinnati, BYU, and or Louisville, it will increase our area and strength in BCS polls and Bowl games. I hope these comments are seen by the officials of the Big 12 because someone has to give them a push. They move like they don't care.

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